Hot Bath – #masturbationmonday


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His eyes are closed. That beautiful face turned towards me, tilted back slightly in supplication. I feel a tender ache in my chest as I look at him; at once so strong and so vulnerable in his nakedness.

The water laps against his tight abs and my eyes roam over his damp broad chest. Legs bent and fallen open, they give me a clear view of his gorgeous cock through the clear water.

I pull my little stool closer so I can reach over the side as I sit astride it. I rest one hand on his knee; the other hand slips into the hot water to take hold of him. He is already hard. I give him a couple of languorous strokes.

Up and down. The only sound in the room the droplets falling from my hand as it pumps slowly in and out of the water.

Gently, I caress the very tip of him, play with him until I see his hand grip the side of the tub.

I want to make him feel so good – ease away those aches and pains from a long, hard day at work. I want to make his cock hard and full, and desperate to release.

I work my hand on his cock, finding a firm, steady rhythm. His breathing is heavier now, his cheeks flushed. I see his stomach flex and tighten beneath the lapping water.

My eyes move up his body, resting on his tight brown nipples for a moment before reaching his beloved face. I watch his eyelids flutter, their long lashes casting a small shadow on his hot cheeks. Slowly his eyes open wrapping me in their warm chocolate depths.

I can’t take my eyes off him. I want to look at him, love him forever.

“Don’t make me wait.” He whispers.

“No.” I struggle to swallow. My throat dry. ” I want you to come.”

I work him harder. Faster. My grip firm now. His cock thick and long, so hard and ready.

My arm burns with effort but I won’t stop now until he is finished. His eyes close again as his head falls back – the tendons in his neck stretching as he clenches his jaw. His hands white knuckle the edge of the tub; his breath blasting into the steamy air from between his gritted teeth.

“Now!” He gasps.

His head curls forward onto his muscular chest. His eyes squeezed shut as I concentrate my short, quick strokes on the full head of his cock.

Ribbons of white decorate his stomach and chest as he jerks and shudders his way through his long orgasm.

Finally, he falls back to rest his head against the tub. He is panting in time with the throbbing vein I can see on the side of his neck. Every part of him seems boneless and loose. He slips down into the water a little more.

I continue to softly, slowly stroke his still hard cock. Watching his face, waiting.

Finally he opens his eyes and turns his head to meet mine. I see residual heat there, a constant burning ember that I know belongs just to me. His hot gaze lingers on my mouth as it sweeps over my face. I lick my lips and run my teeth over my bottom lip, anticipation singing through my body.


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6 thoughts on “Hot Bath – #masturbationmonday

  1. Lol! I put it on late last night because the last few Mondays I haven’t managed to do it till nearly lunch time. I’ll go back to Monday morning next week – some things should never change 😉 I might jinx myself.


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