Play With Me – #masturbationmonday


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She is panting already. She has no self control where he is concerned. Legs spread over his, she revels in the beautiful ache that is building between them.

Her eyes are fastened on his hand down her panties. His thumb rests on her tanned stomach while the rest of his fingers have slipped beneath the material to slowly stroke her hot, slick pussy. She loves to watch his muscular forearm as he plays with her body; flexing and tensing, every muscle and tendon is defined with each movement of his talented hand.

She relishes the weight of his other arm across her chest; she feels the soft hairs against her sensitive skin. His hand holds her breast in a firm grip; pinned back against the soft sofa cushion she has no choice but to watch and feel as he takes control of her body.

His four fingers rub and stroke her flesh, perfect pressure, perfect placement. He knows her body so well now. The pretty purple bow on her panties rises and dips in time with his fingers; the butterflies flutter along with it.

Her hips begin to move now, searching, wanting. Her head falls back against the sofa and she begins to close her eyes. She can’t take much more. She’s going to shatter into a thousand pieces and she knows it.

“Look at me.” His voice is low and firm.

Her head rolls towards him. His deep blue eyes burn into hers.

She can’t look away.

“It feels too good. I… I can’t…” Words elude her as his fingers drop down to slide inside her. She can only let out a needy moan. “Please don’t make me wait…” She feels safe in her desperation.

“I won’t, baby. I’m going to give you what you need. Keep your eyes on me.”

“Yes… oh god, yes!” She blindly reaches out to grasp his thigh.

Her stomach undulates as she tries to gasp for breath and stay still for him. Her pussy feels so good she can only languish in it. His thumb has disappeared beneath the bow now; stroking her clit in a fast, necessary rhythm while two of his long, thick fingers fuck her hard and fast.

“Give it to me, babygirl.” He demands.

“Kiss me!” She pleads. She wants to be as close to him as possible. She wants to moan her orgasm into his mouth.

He leans towards her and takes her mouth in a deep, surging kiss. He licks into her, his tongue duelling with hers.

The throbbing ache between her thighs suddenly sparks into a wave of electricity making her cry out into his mouth.

“Yes.” He breathes against her lips.

His hand never stops. Over and over again his fingers pump into her until he is panting in time with her.

Her hand flies up to grab the back of his head, holding him against her, anchoring her so she can lose herself briefly in the heaving, twisting tide threatening to take over her body.

Her eyes stay open. She watches the deep satisfaction on his face as she comes hard for him. She sees everything he feels for her and it makes her heart squeeze as the last waves of pleasure work their way through her body.

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If you want to read more visit Kayla Lords’ site Sexual Being and you’ll find lots of links there. Including her post for this week: “If You Can Make Yourself Cum Like That, Go For It”

Rebecca x



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