A Sure Thing: Part One – #masturbationmonday


Come On

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“Come on.” Josh says to me as he takes hold of my hand and begins to pull me towards his apartment from the pool where we’ve been sunbathing.

I’m looking at his cute ass in his denim cut-offs, his leanly muscled arms, wondering how I managed to hold out for so long. Even so, my reluctance to give in remains.

“Hold on…” I sputter as I trip over my feet. His grip only tightens on my hand. He glances over his shoulder at me and I see heat and frustration flash in his eyes. He knows I’m still not a sure thing and that pisses him off.

He’s everything I’ve avoided since I came out five years ago. I’m not interested in quick fucks – that’s all he does. I hate the clubbing scene – he’s really into it. I’ve lost count of the amount of guys I’ve seen leaving his apartment. He maybe fucking gorgeous, but I know he will be damaging to my mental health. So I’ve stayed away, given him the cold shoulder, and today he’s called me on it.

The thing is, when I laid it out for him I saw the hurt on his face, before he was able to mask it with a shrug of his shoulders and a false little laugh.

He admitted he was a complete slut, but somehow he managed to persuade me that he was what I needed to get the rod out of my ass. Actually, he said something about replacing it with his dick, but there is not a chance in hell that’s going to happen.

As we approach our apartments, I pull back on his hand to stop him when he reaches for the key in his pocket.

“Let’s use mine.” I say. I don’t want to be just another guy leaving his place when this is all over. He can do the walk of shame for a change.

He seems reluctant, but I hold his gaze and unlock my door. He shrugs again as his eyes slide away from mine. I frown at that. Where’s the cocky shit that I’ve never had any trouble keeping at arm’s length?

Once we’re inside I close the door and rest my back against it. Josh turns to face me, his hands in the back pockets of his cut-offs, his eyes on the keys I’m fiddling with in my hand. He looks strangely uncertain and I suddenly realise that he is full of shit. This isn’t his regular play. We’re not drunk and I’m not a stranger who he can kick out when he’s done and now he doesn’t know what the fuck to do.

“Come here, Josh.”

His eyes flit to mine. I see the panic so I’m ready for what comes next.

“Do you know what? I think you were right all along. Me and you, we’re just too different. Let’s stick to what we know, right?”

He starts to walk towards the door, obviously expecting me to move out of his way.

He tries a nonchalant laugh when I don’t move, but it comes out a little shaky and we both know it.

“Come on, Ben, open the door…”

“Stop talking, Josh.”

“I mean it, Ben, this isn’t a good idea…”

I decide actions are going to speak louder than words, so I lean forward and grab his hand, pulling him off balance. He lands against me with a “What the fuck?!”

I turn him so his back is against the door and put my mouth on his. It’s a rough, hard kiss. I’m trying to shut him up but it rapidly descends into a fight for dominance. I have a height advantage and I’m not afraid to use it. I hold his face, tilting him to an angle that I like. He likes it too, if his moan is anything to go by.

He tastes good: a hint of fruit from a drink he had earlier overlaid with mint. I lick into his mouth to get a better taste. It isn’t enough.

His hard on is pressed against mine, I grind against him, my hands fumbling with the bottom of his t-shirt. Finally, I find the way in and run my hands up his warm, firm abs to his chest. I feel the silken hair across his pecs. Needing to see it, I grab his top and yank it over his head.

Josh is panting now and looking a little wild. I lean back letting my eyes run down his beautiful body. His hard on is filling the front of his cut-offs.

“Take your cock out, Josh.”

There’s no hesitation now – his hands go straight to his button and pop it open. Then the zip goes down and I’m holding my breath.

He spreads the fly wide and his hand disappears inside for an excruciating moment as I wait. I watch him take hold before slowly pulling himself out.

Fuck! His cock is perfect. A good length, without being huge, and nicely thick. My mouth waters as I take in the rest; he’s cut, the head is pink and already leaking.

“Let me see you jerk off.” My voice is rough now. I’m close to losing it but I want to see this. My gaze flicks to his face to see him flushed and biting his lip as he watches me.

His hand immediately starts to work his cock with long, slow pumps. I see him squeeze the base, his eyes close and his head falls back against the door. It is the horniest thing I’ve ever seen, Josh on the edge of losing control.

His heavy lids open to look at me. “Wanna see you, Ben. Let’s do it together, please.”

I lean forward and place a soft kiss on his rosy lips before I stand back and quickly shove my swimming shorts down around my ass.

He stands a little straighter when he sees my cock for the first time, working himself faster as he watches me. My hand lands on the door beside his head, my arm locked straight as I look down on our cocks and the hands stroking them.

“Fuck, yeah.” I breath out.

We’re almost touching – it is sweet goddamn torture. Then Josh jerks his hips and the head of our dicks rub together. It’s like an electric shock shoots through my dick and I know the end is close.

“Gonna come – shit!” Josh gasps. I see his abs clench as he frantically works his cock.

Our hands bump together now as we both concentrate on the sensitive heads of our cocks. We’re going to come all over each others dicks and that’s the last thought I have before I shoot my load right where I want it the most.

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