SALE at All Romance 1-8 Oct ~ 25% off all Evernight books!!! @evernightpub @allromance


Woohoo! A SALE!!! We all love one of those, right?

To help celebrate Evernight Publishing’s 5th birthday, All Romance is holding a big sale between 1-8 October on all Evernight books.

25% OFF!! Get loading your e-readers up right now, ready for the weekend!!

My new release is on sale:

ATasteForThree-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-finalimage (1)


What’s worse than wanting a man she can’t have? Wanting his best friend as well, that’s what. Double the torture, double the sexual frustration, and double the pain in her heart when she desires everything she can’t have.

Chef Ellie Masters has a problem. Not only is she in love with two gorgeous men, but they both just happen to be her bosses. She’s holding back for all the right reasons, but is there a way for them to be together or will their powerful sexual attraction tear them apart?

In the sensual world of their French restaurant, Jack Quinn and Nate Johnson must find a way to level the playing field if they want more than just sumptuous food from their talented chef. Going to work has never been so sexy. A Taste for Three will leave you savouring this delicious menage and wanting more.

Join the Evernight blog hop and check out some amazing prizes to be won.

Happy reading!

Rebecca x


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