For Her #masturbationmonday

This one’s for Marie Jean who kind of requested a story, or I offered to write one… Anyway, she’s lovely – so here you go, MJ!


for her

Source: Tumblr

He glanced at the clock when he heard the door open and close – eight o’clock – she was late and would undoubtedly be tired and hungry.

He reached across the kitchen counter for the bottle of red wine that he’d gotten out earlier and a flutter of anticipation began in his stomach as he opened it and poured her a glass.

He had been away working all week with strict instructions not to touch his cock. He was almost fully hard now just knowing she was in the house. Then he took a deep breath when he saw the red liquid tremble as he lifted the glass.

“Is that for me?” She asked as he turned towards her.

“Of course.”

They met in the middle of the kitchen. He handed her the wine and she didn’t hesitate to take a long drink, licking her red lips as she lowered the glass.

It looked like she had an appetite tonight.

“Come here – I missed you,” she said as she pulled him in with the hand at the back of his neck.

He moaned a little when their lips met. She licked into his mouth, long and slow, tender and devouring. She took and gave and he drifted into a beautiful sexual haze, unable and unwilling to erect any barriers. He was hers to do with whatever she wanted.

“Take your clothes off. I want to see you.”

His eyelids felt heavy as his eyes opened wide with surprise. She normally wasn’t in such a hurry, but tonight he could see he wasn’t the only one who was struggling after their time apart.

He quickly drew the black t-shirt over his head and started on the top button of his jeans with a shaky hand. His cock was throbbing already, desperate to be touched after the agony of his week long abstinence.

He ripped the buttons open, his cock bouncing out as he yanked them down and kicked them off.

He was panting, he couldn’t help it. He watched her tongue lick a wet sheen over her lips and hoped to God he wasn’t going to come from that alone. He grabbed onto the edge of his control and hung on for dear life as she walked towards him. He squeezed his eyes shut and recited old football scores when she spun him around to face the kitchen counter.

“Spread your legs and bend over.” Her husky words gave away the extent of her own excitement.

He did as instructed, his cock jutting out, a heavy weight between his legs.

He barely had time to brace himself before her open hand came down on his arse. Once, twice, three times. Fast and heavy, demanding and hot. So fucking hot.

He moaned a needy, inarticulate sound.

“Tell me!” She demanded, her hand never slowing, never easing up.

“So fucking good. I need it, please…”

“What do you need?”

“More… everything.” He planted his hands firmly on the cool counter, taking the jolt of impact through his arms, feeling the sting turn into a deep burn.

He heard her breathing hard, knew she was watching his skin change colour. Pushing out his arse, he welcomed the pain, feeling a potent satisfaction when she stroked her hands over his glowing skin, admiring her handiwork.

“You look good,” she murmured as she knelt down behind him.

His head fell forwards when he felt the cool, wet trail of her tongue over his burning flesh. Kissing, licking and nibbling her way across his red cheeks, she soothed and comforted, aroused and teased, until he thought he might go mad with the need to come. Every muscle was strung tight and small vibrations ran through his body. He couldn’t hold onto the small whimper that escaped. He was losing hold of his control and he desperately scrambled to keep a grip of it.

“Turn around.”

Standing up, she quickly stripped until they stood facing each other, naked and covered in a fine sweat.

He took in her lush naked form with a swift thorough sweep of his gaze, his cock flexing at the sight of her large, tight nipples. His mouth watered, wanting to taste, to feel them on his tongue.

Swiftly jumping onto the kitchen counter, she opened her legs and pulled him in.

“In me – now!” She took hold of his cock and placed him where he needed to be.

He took hold of her full hips, pulled her to the edge and thrust in hard and deep.

Leaning back on her arms she watched him fuck her. “Watch,” she whispered, “watch my cunt own your cock.”

He did. He couldn’t look away. It was as necessary as breathing, obeying her, pleasing her. He felt her tight heat and wetness, knew that it had never been better than this. Now his sole purpose was to make her come.

“That’s it,… oh Jesus! Yes!” She brought his hand to her clit. He knew what she liked as he had touched her like this a thousand times. He circled and rubbed, pressed and touched, until her head fell back and he watched her thighs strain and shake.

With his burning arse clenched tight he fucked her until she screamed, riding her through every last shudder and aftershock. His control in tatters, he stopped, drawing in ragged deep breaths.

Finally, she opened her eyes, nodded and pointing to her stomach said, “give it to me now – right here.”

He pulled his cock out, took it in his hand and worked it hard. Leaning forward his fingers unconsciously digging into her leg, trying to keep his balance, trying not to let his legs give out, he came right where she wanted it.

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Rebecca x

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