Erotic Shorts – Contents Page

Here’s a chronological list of all the erotic shorts I’ve written with a brief description so you can more easily pick the ones that you’re interested in.

Watch Me – male masturbation / female voyeur

Private Festivities – M/F, D/s, Blindfold

First Sight – M/M, male masturbation, male voyeur

Tease – M/F, D/s, bondage

Waiting – M/F, D/s

Gossamer Threads – F/F, D/s

A Thousand Little Pieces – M/F, spanking

Goddess – my first jump into the realm of Femdom (I love this piece), M/F

Tell Me – M/F, D/s, dirty talk

Waiting – (different story to the above one with the same title). M/F, D/s, bondage

Drawn To You – M/F, guy with tattoos and beard

Naughty Girl – M/F, spanking

Changing The Rules – M/F, voyeurism

His Fantasy – M/F/F, F/F spanking, male voyeur, male masturbation, bisexual menage

Playing Footsie – M/M, oral sex,

In A Hurry – M/F, quickie sex

Can’t Wait – M/F, Femdom, oral sex, male masturbation

In Control – F/M/M, Femdom, bisexual menage, male masturbation

At The End Of The Day – F/M/M, Femdom, bisexual menage, oral sex

I.O.U part 1 – M/F. male masturbation

I.O.U part 2: Pay Back Is Sweet – M/F, female masturbation

A Challenge – M/F, spanking

Donuts – M/M, blow job, hand job

Exposed part 1 – M/F, D/s, bondage

Exposed part 2 – M/F, D/s, bondage, oral sex,

Giving In – M/F, female masturbation, exhibitionism

Moonlight – M/F

A Sure Thing: Part One – M/M, mutual masturbation

Letting Go – M/F, spanking, D/s

Letting Off Steam – M/F, Femdom

Midday: Week Three – M/F, strangers at a cafe

A Sure Thing: Part Two – M/M, D/s

A Sure Thing: Part Three – M/M, spanking

The Hardest Part – M/F, spanking, D/s

Flying – M/F/M, menage, bondage, blindfold

Show Me – M/F, femdom, mutual masturbation

The Game – M/F

Their Place – M/F

For Her – M/F, femdom

On Your Knees – F/F, D/s

Melancholy Friend – M/F, spanking

What I Want –  M/F, mild femdom, male masturbation

Compliance – M/M/F, femdom, M/M action

The Battle – M/F, cunnilingus

Fireworks – F/F/M, femdom, menage

Guest posts by Exhibit A:

No Mercy part 1 – M/F/M menage, female masturbation

No Mercy part 2 – M/F/M menage, blow job, D/s, voyeurism

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