Tease – #masturbationmonday



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The rope feels delicious on her skin; rough against her softness. Every movement sends shocks of pleasure between her legs – the abrasion only emphasising her excitement.

Bound and spread open, she is on display for him. Her eyes are closed as instructed. She loves knowing he can see all of her, nothing is hidden. Every fold of her pussy, every drop of her honey is there for him to see.

Her arms are stretched out to the side; her legs bent and open wide. All of her restrained and ready for him. She cannot help the pulse of her hips. She is searching for that first touch.

Desperate for it, for him.

“Please!” She whispers.

She hears him move to the bottom of the bed. He has been sat in a chair for what feels like an hour. Watching her, taking in her body bound in his ropes. She knows he will have planned and visualised exactly what he will do to her.

His patience and control are extraordinary, but right now she is frantically hoping that he puts her out of her misery soon.

She turns her head but keeps her eyes closed as she senses him move to the side of the bed. She feels the light sheen of sweat on her skin. Her panting breaths seem so loud in the quiet room.

His big hand gently cups the side of her face. His thumb softly tracing her lips.

“Open.” His voice is low.

She licks her lips and opens her mouth. His thumb slides in. She sucks and licks greedily, enjoying the saltiness of his skin; wanting any form of penetration that she can get.

She aches, her breasts want to be squeezed, slapped, sucked. Her pussy needs to be taken and fucked.

Anything! Jesus just touch me, please.

He withdraws his thumb from her mouth, lifting her head as he pushes a pillow underneath her. She feels him move onto the bed between her legs and place his hands on her open thighs.

“Open your eyes.”

She blinks a few times to focus on him. He is gloriously naked. The muscles in his arms tense and clearly defined. His thick, hard cock strains towards his stomach looking flushed and more than ready.

His heated gaze is locked on hers.

“I want you to watch.”

She nods, holding her breath as he takes hold of his beautiful cock.

He plants his knees wide apart, so close they push against her legs, forcing them a little wider.

He guides the head of his cock to her smooth pussy and lightly presses and rubs her clit; over and around, up and down. Even that slight pressure makes her whimper and thrust towards him. The sight of his cock on her pussy is driving her insane. He thrusts back and forth, maintaining the contact, the friction just enough to keep her on edge. The rosy head of his cock glistening now with her juices.

“Oh god!” She moans.

His cock feels so good. It slides up and down her pussy. Nudging apart her folds, it torments and tantalises her. Never quite giving her enough. Teasing her beyond measure.

“More, please!”

A small smile lifts the side of his mouth.

He places his hand on her ass cheek, his thumb on his cock pushing it down onto her pussy as he thrusts up towards her clit. The added pressure makes them both gasp. She sees his jaw clench and knows he is close now.

So close to giving her what she needs.

“Fuck! That feels so good.” He grinds out.

His eyes squeeze shut as his head falls back on his shoulders.

He is torturing them both.

He opens his eyes and raises his head to look at her. He concentrates the pressure of his cock on the most sensitive part of her clit. The burn builds until her back arches and she begins to pull against her restraints. Gasping and whimpering. His thumb presses his cock down over and over again as he thrusts over that exquisite bundle of nerves.

“Watch my cock.” He demands.

She makes herself open her eyes.

The light sweat on his body only highlights his beauty. The muscles taut and strained now; she wants to watch his climax as much as she wants her own.

“I’m going to mark you with my come. Make this pussy mine.”

“Yes!” She wants that more than her next ragged breath.

His movements become frantic, rubbing and thrusting against her drenched pussy.

Her clit is on fire. So close now.

Suddenly he pulls back slightly fisting his cock. She watches intently as his whole body tenses. His muscles flexed and working. His cock fucking his fist, hard and fast. Wanting it, straining for it.

Finally his come shoots out onto her pussy. The warm wetness making her tingle and pulse. Over and over his come spurts onto her skin. She feels it run down between her ass cheeks as his body shudders and shakes in the last moments of his petite mort.

Her breathing is rapid and out of control. She feels frenzied and desperate. Her head and shoulders lift off the pillow then slam back down.

“Now! Please, god, now!” She begs.

One of his hands goes straight to her clit, rubbing and stroking his come all over. He takes two fingers from the other and thrusts into her wet pussy. He sets a hard fast beat. Unrelenting agonising pleasure builds in her. She watches his hands on and inside her body. Silently urging them on, needing the burning release that is so close.

“Give it to me, baby. Right now!”

She lets out an inarticulate wail, sobbing and thrashing her head from side to side as her orgasm bursts through her. Her back arches, every single muscle and tendon tight and stretched. The ropes anchor her, letting the pleasure flow through her body. Every inch of her tingling and flooded with life, with her need for him.

His fingers continue to move inside her, teasing every last drop out of her swollen, pulsing pussy. She finally relaxes back into the bed gradually loosening her grip on the rope.

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