Taking A Chance

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2014 was a pretty good year. My little family and I managed to survive it fairly well intact. Happy kids, a fantastic partner who has worked hard and achieved amazing things, and me, in a mainly happy (I will admit I had a few moments where I wanted to run away, far away) supporting role. Someone’s got to keep feeding the kids and making sure they don’t leave the house naked, right?!

December 15th 2014 was a BIG turning point for me.

Up to that point I was a voracious reader who had recently started to write a bit. I had a few stories on the go, lots of ideas and a long term plan.

I joined Twitter and started to follow some interesting people. I had lots of questions like what’s a meme / vine? What does NSFW mean? Why do Twitter people think you can write what you need to say in so few words? Honestly!

“Oh my god, come and look at this!” Became a fairly regular demand to my bloke as I explored Tumblr, different Twitter pages and blogs in the evening when the kids were in bed sound asleep. Basically, I was just being bombarded with lots and lots of dirty, naughty inspiration. It was awesome!

Anyway, one of the twitter people I follow is Kayla Lords. Her blog is called ‘A Sexual Being’. She writes about living in a D/s relationship and writes erotica. Her blogs are honest, often funny and touching and easy to relate to whether you live in the BDSM lifestyle or not. She also has a blogging meme called #masturbationmonday. Where people write ‘a steamy hot post about masturbation or so hot, it’ll make people want to masturbate.’ I read a few of these and thought, ‘I reckon I could do this’.

Problem: I didn’t have a blog. So on that cold, wet December day I took a chance and contacted Kayla asking her if there was another way for me to write something for #masturbationmonday. She got straight back to me saying I could do it as a guest post on her blog.

I was a bit shocked to be honest. I was thinking, ‘…but she’s never read anything I’ve written. What if she thinks it’s shit? Oh my god, am I really going to do this?’ You get the idea – especially if you’ve ever written anything and got that anxious, squirmy feeling when you’ve thought about people actually reading it.

Anyway, I put my big girl pants on and wrote something. I was VERY inspired by the vine that she’d used as a prompt the previous week (go have a look it makes me go a bit tingly every time I see it!) and the little story just poured out of me. It’s such an amazing feeling when that happens. I kept it for a few days and checked it a bit obsessively before finally emailing it to Kayla.

So Monday rolled around and ‘Watch Me’ went onto Kayla’s blog with a lovely intro from her. I couldn’t believe how sweet and supportive people in the erotica community could be. They left messages of support, retweeted it, put links to it on their blogs. Over the next few days when Triberr kicked in my phone was going ballistic with retweets and it had 168 shares (and counting) to Twitter from her blog page.

That’s the moment there that changed everything really.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it’s true. I’d tentatively reached out and someone who I’d never met and who I’d barely had any contact with, was willing to give me a chance. That was a great feeling. I call Kayla my Fairy Godmother (FG for short). It’s weird to think I’ll probably never meet her, she’s in Florida I think. I’m in Yorkshire, England. But I will always be so grateful to her for being so kind and giving me a chance to let people read a few words I wrote.

Things snowballed pretty quickly after that, I wrote another guest post for #wantonweekend called ‘Private Festivities’ and with a huge amount of help from my partner we got my blog set up and I frantically wrote a few posts to put on it. Meanwhile, I was trying to get sorted for Christmas and remember to buy the kids and family presents. It was an exciting but slightly fraught time.

So in the space of a couple of weeks I went from not having a blog to having one and nobody reading anything I’d written to quite a few people reading it, liking it and helping me spread the word about it.

Who knows where this writing journey will go. Hopefully I’ll publish some books and a few people will read them and have a good time in bed that night! Whatever happens, I won’t forget that buzz of excitement when I realised for the first time that people were reading something I’d written and that some of them were actually enjoying it.

So, take a chance on something. Who knows where it’ll take you.

All the best for 2015!

Rebecca x


Tease – #masturbationmonday



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The rope feels delicious on her skin; rough against her softness. Every movement sends shocks of pleasure between her legs – the abrasion only emphasising her excitement.

Bound and spread open, she is on display for him. Her eyes are closed as instructed. She loves knowing he can see all of her, nothing is hidden. Every fold of her pussy, every drop of her honey is there for him to see.

Her arms are stretched out to the side; her legs bent and open wide. All of her restrained and ready for him. She cannot help the pulse of her hips. She is searching for that first touch.

Desperate for it, for him.

“Please!” She whispers.

She hears him move to the bottom of the bed. He has been sat in a chair for what feels like an hour. Watching her, taking in her body bound in his ropes. She knows he will have planned and visualised exactly what he will do to her.

His patience and control are extraordinary, but right now she is frantically hoping that he puts her out of her misery soon.

She turns her head but keeps her eyes closed as she senses him move to the side of the bed. She feels the light sheen of sweat on her skin. Her panting breaths seem so loud in the quiet room.

His big hand gently cups the side of her face. His thumb softly tracing her lips.

“Open.” His voice is low.

She licks her lips and opens her mouth. His thumb slides in. She sucks and licks greedily, enjoying the saltiness of his skin; wanting any form of penetration that she can get.

She aches, her breasts want to be squeezed, slapped, sucked. Her pussy needs to be taken and fucked.

Anything! Jesus just touch me, please.

He withdraws his thumb from her mouth, lifting her head as he pushes a pillow underneath her. She feels him move onto the bed between her legs and place his hands on her open thighs.

“Open your eyes.”

She blinks a few times to focus on him. He is gloriously naked. The muscles in his arms tense and clearly defined. His thick, hard cock strains towards his stomach looking flushed and more than ready.

His heated gaze is locked on hers.

“I want you to watch.”

She nods, holding her breath as he takes hold of his beautiful cock.

He plants his knees wide apart, so close they push against her legs, forcing them a little wider.

He guides the head of his cock to her smooth pussy and lightly presses and rubs her clit; over and around, up and down. Even that slight pressure makes her whimper and thrust towards him. The sight of his cock on her pussy is driving her insane. He thrusts back and forth, maintaining the contact, the friction just enough to keep her on edge. The rosy head of his cock glistening now with her juices.

“Oh god!” She moans.

His cock feels so good. It slides up and down her pussy. Nudging apart her folds, it torments and tantalises her. Never quite giving her enough. Teasing her beyond measure.

“More, please!”

A small smile lifts the side of his mouth.

He places his hand on her ass cheek, his thumb on his cock pushing it down onto her pussy as he thrusts up towards her clit. The added pressure makes them both gasp. She sees his jaw clench and knows he is close now.

So close to giving her what she needs.

“Fuck! That feels so good.” He grinds out.

His eyes squeeze shut as his head falls back on his shoulders.

He is torturing them both.

He opens his eyes and raises his head to look at her. He concentrates the pressure of his cock on the most sensitive part of her clit. The burn builds until her back arches and she begins to pull against her restraints. Gasping and whimpering. His thumb presses his cock down over and over again as he thrusts over that exquisite bundle of nerves.

“Watch my cock.” He demands.

She makes herself open her eyes.

The light sweat on his body only highlights his beauty. The muscles taut and strained now; she wants to watch his climax as much as she wants her own.

“I’m going to mark you with my come. Make this pussy mine.”

“Yes!” She wants that more than her next ragged breath.

His movements become frantic, rubbing and thrusting against her drenched pussy.

Her clit is on fire. So close now.

Suddenly he pulls back slightly fisting his cock. She watches intently as his whole body tenses. His muscles flexed and working. His cock fucking his fist, hard and fast. Wanting it, straining for it.

Finally his come shoots out onto her pussy. The warm wetness making her tingle and pulse. Over and over his come spurts onto her skin. She feels it run down between her ass cheeks as his body shudders and shakes in the last moments of his petite mort.

Her breathing is rapid and out of control. She feels frenzied and desperate. Her head and shoulders lift off the pillow then slam back down.

“Now! Please, god, now!” She begs.

One of his hands goes straight to her clit, rubbing and stroking his come all over. He takes two fingers from the other and thrusts into her wet pussy. He sets a hard fast beat. Unrelenting agonising pleasure builds in her. She watches his hands on and inside her body. Silently urging them on, needing the burning release that is so close.

“Give it to me, baby. Right now!”

She lets out an inarticulate wail, sobbing and thrashing her head from side to side as her orgasm bursts through her. Her back arches, every single muscle and tendon tight and stretched. The ropes anchor her, letting the pleasure flow through her body. Every inch of her tingling and flooded with life, with her need for him.

His fingers continue to move inside her, teasing every last drop out of her swollen, pulsing pussy. She finally relaxes back into the bed gradually loosening her grip on the rope.

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First Sight – #masturbationmonday


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The hot water beats down my back and neck in stark contrast to the cold tiles under my hand braced against the wall. My head has fallen forward watching my working hand sweep up and down my long, hard cock.

Only one thing is on my mind. Jack. My new flatmate.

I hold myself tight, thrusting my cock through my fist.

Fuck! That feels good.

I can see him on his knees in the steam, feel his hot mouth, those full lips forming a tight seal around the head as he sucks and flicks his clever tongue over the most sensitive part of it. I want to fuck that mouth, I want to own it, own him.


My head falls back on my shoulders, the water spraying over my head. My eyes are squeezed shut; my breathing ragged as my balls tighten up and I get ready to come. I’m so close now: ass clenched and stomach taut.

The sound of the door closing snaps my eyes open. Through the steam on the shower door I see Jack’s searing gaze riveted on my cock.

What the fuck?!

He doesn’t even blink. Just keeps watching.

His intense stare is fuelling my orgasm. My hand has a life of its own now.

I can’t stop.

My cock feels like it’s going to explode. I can’t believe he hasn’t run out of the room. I was so sure he wasn’t interested; so sure he was straight.

I’m jerking the head faster now. I want to come for him and I know he wants to see it.

His dark eyes flick up to meet mine briefly. The hunger I see there finishes me off. My cock can’t take any more: it burns and throbs needing release.

Suddenly, it’s there. I hunch over slightly, but keep my eyes on him as I frantically work my cock.

“Fuck!” I gasp.

I feel my come rush out of my cock – a deep throb and pulse as streams of it shoot out to cover my hand over and over – falling into the water at my feet.

One more slow, languid stroke up and down my cock and I take a deep breath. Jack’s eyes follow the movement of my hand, then burn a trail up my body until they reach my face. They linger on my mouth – then slowly, steadily meet mine.

God! I can’t believe it. He knows what’s coming and he wants it.

I feel my body relax as my control returns. I stand tall and watch him, watch me. A small smile on my lips. I’m fairly sure I’m about to be the first man to touch him and I’m going to touch him everywhere. I have some serious plans for that cock that I can see bulging in the front of his jeans and that ass that I know fills his jeans perfectly.

I’m going to have it all and I’m going to make sure he loves every second of it.

I turn off the water. The sudden silence in the room only highlights what’s about to happen. I step out of the shower, I feel every drop of water running down my body. Every inch of me is ready for this. My hands tingle in anticipation; my mouth salivates at the prospect of tasting his skin, his cock, his ass.

I want him.


My eyes lock onto his. I see a flicker of apprehension but it soon passes, replaced by white hot lust. I step towards him. He holds his ground.


He is a couple of inches shorter than my six foot two. I feel his breath on my neck, surprised to feel goose bumps form in it’s path. It’s been a long time since anyone affected me this way.

“Tell me what to do.”

I lift my hand to cup his face, stroking my thumb firmly across his full lower lip. I press down demanding entry, pushing my thumb into the hot, wet depth of his mouth. My cock starts to harden again.

“Oh, I will.” I reply.

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Private Festivities


I wrote this initially as a guest post for #wantonweekend. So you’ll also find it on the following website: https://wankoftheday.wordpress.com


Private Festivities

I stand still. Blindfolded. Waiting.

The two glasses of wine that I drank with my colleagues half an hour ago flow through my body.

I feel reckless and free.

Losing my sight has heightened my other senses.

I listen to the laughter and music coming from the staff Christmas party down the hall; the distant sounds of clinking glasses and the pop of a cork makes me feel detached from the revelry. The people that I work with are out there getting drunk, stealing kisses, singing the same old Christmas songs and they have no idea what’s happening here, to me.

They don’t know, they never have.

A shiver of anticipation. Soon.

I know he is still here. Close by. I can hear his breathing and I know he is watching me. Thinking about how he wants to touch me. What will bring me the most pleasure.

I lick my lips and squeeze my thighs together. I am damp down there and I feel the moisture as I shift position slightly. I feel edgy now and impatient, but I know that my patience will be rewarded.

So I remain still and I wait.

“Take your panties off.”

The words are a whisper by my ear. His hot breath a brand on my skin. I bend over and reach for the hem of my tight, black pencil skirt. As gracefully as I can I pull it up until it is scrunched around my waist. I hook my fingers into the sides of my g-string and work it down over my curvy hips and pale thighs; feeling wanton and bold.

The sound of a particularly loud burst of laughter rolls down the corridor into his office. A small smile curls my full, red lips.

I’m glad they’re having fun, but my version of the office Christmas party is so much better. Bending again I get them to my ankles where I kick them off one black high heeled foot at a time.

I stand up straight again. I know what he can see now. The only light in the room comes from a small lamp and the Christmas tree. They show my skirt up around my waist. Black stockings and suspenders framing my smooth pussy.

Can he see how wet I am?

I can hardly stand the suspense as I wait for that first touch. I hear my breathing, it is heavier now. Not quite panting yet, but that will come. It always does.

His fingers dextrously unbutton my silk blouse and ease it off my shoulders. He doesn’t touch me, not yet. I hear it fall to the floor in a whisp of sound. My bra goes the same way. He unclips my long, thick hair. It falls in a sensual array down my back and over my plump breasts.

“Take my hand. I’m going to walk you to the couch.”

I follow his instruction, loving the feel of his large, warm hand in mine.

He settles me on the couch, helping me to lie down on my back. My breath hitches in my throat now, longing and anticipation thumping an erratic beat in my chest.

He is stood beside the couch. I can feel the material from his suit trousers rub against my bare arm.

“Spread your legs for me. Nice and wide. That’s it.”

He moves to sit on the couch between my legs. I feel him twist his upper body to face me. I know he is looking at me, at the most intimate part of me. I am spread wide open just for him.

“Fuck! You are so wet.”

His voice is rough this time.

I let out a shaky breath; so close now.

I push my legs wider, wanting him to see me, wanting him to know how much I want it; want him. My pussy pulses and aches. I am so close to coming already. My hips rise and fall in slow, small thrusts.

I can’t keep still. I need it.

“You have the prettiest pussy, baby. So pink and soft. So damn shiny and wet.”

His hands finally land on the inside of my upper thighs framing my pussy. His long fingers spread out to open me further to his burning gaze.

My hand joins his. I imagine my red nails standing out against my luminous skin. I hold my pussy open for him. One of his fingers slowly strokes down the length of my slit then draws away but my hips reach up for it. His finger returns, wet from his mouth. Almost delicately, he rubs up, down and around my clit. I moan long and low. I am burning up, but before I can burst into flames he takes his finger away.

My clit is screaming to be touched now. I cannot control my rapid breathing. My body twists a little, my shoulders lifting off the couch. A small whimper escapes me.

“You want it, baby? You want to come for me?”

His deep voice sweeps over my body, goose bumps forming on my bare skin.

“Yes! God, yes!” I gasp.

I can hear his breathing increase in speed and volume. His hands grip my inner thighs firmly, massaging and kneading my tense muscles and soft skin. His thumbs pull my ass cheeks apart so he can see every part of me. I look forward to seeing the bruises tomorrow. A visible reminder of my pleasure.

My hips jerk up as his fingers suddenly thrust inside me. His other hand holds my leg down. I am swollen so he has to work them in.

How many are there? Two maybe three.

My honey eases the way until I can feel the knuckles of his hand against me. I cry out arching my back. I can’t get my legs wide enough.

I am greedy now, frantic, reaching for it, wanting him to finish this. Each thrust sends me closer to the edge. He is fucking me hard now, going deep. I can hear the moist sounds of my body and the soft sound of his clothes rustling as he moves.

It feels so good. Part of me wants to stay this way for ever; on this precipice waiting to fall into this dark bliss.

My breasts move each time he fucks into me.

He has a hard, fast rhythm that is taking my breath away. Sparks of pleasure are radiating from my core but it’s not enough.

Just as I begin to squirm in frustration his hand moves from my leg. His fingers begin to rub and stroke my clit. Soft circles and harder flicks until I am ready to break. My desperate sounds tell him how close I am.

“Right there. Please don’t stop. I…. need…. it…. just…..there.”

“Give it to me, baby. Right now. I want you to come all over my hand.”

Suddenly it’s there. I grab it and hold on for dear life. My orgasm radiates from my pussy throughout my body. My stomach muscles clench lifting my head and shoulders off the couch.

“Ahhhhh!” I yell my pleasure into the quiet room.

Without warning his fingers disappear from inside me.

He slaps my pussy twice, three times in quick succession.

Then pushes his fingers back in, fucking me furiously, extending my orgasm, until the burning pain and pleasure coalesce into one blinding white light.

“That’s it. Come hard, baby.”

My head arches back into the couch; my mouth is open in a silent scream. Every muscle is locked, every tendon taught as I try to survive this.

Too much pleasure.

Finally gasping for breath, my body collapses back onto the couch as his fingers become still inside me. I can’t move so much as a finger. I whimper as he gently pulls out of my pussy.

He leans down and places a soft kiss on my throbbing flesh, then reaches up to take off my blindfold.

I blink rapidly to regain focus. I want to see him now.

I look into his beautiful blue eyes. I can see the heat there, the need.

“Kiss me.” I whisper.

He places his hands on either side of my head and leans down to touch his mouth to mine. He is gentle for a moment but it isn’t long before he is taking my mouth like he took my pussy.

Hard, demanding and possessive.

I can’t get enough of it – of him. His hand pushes into my hair and wraps it around his fist until he has a firm hold of me. My head bends back slightly as he stares into my eyes.

“I need my cock in your mouth. Jesus!” He takes a deep steadying breath.“On your knees. Now.”

His voice is low and deep. His intent clear.

A thrill of excitement courses through my body as the muffled sounds of the party reach me. What would they think if they knew what I’m about to do?

My mouth starts to water just thinking about what he wants me to do. My perfect Christmas gift.

Oh god, I want it.

He stands and pulls me to my feet by my hair. The stinging pain shoots straight to my clit. I cannot look away. I am trapped by the urgency of his stare.

He kisses me one finally time before he pushes me to my knees…

By Rebecca Black

Watch Me


I wrote this last week as a guest post for Kayla Lords’ #masturbationmonday.


Watch Me

I can’t seem to blink, never mind stop looking. I can’t stop watching your hand and your cock and the things your hand is doing to your long, thick beautiful cock.

Oh god. That is so hot.

Every glide and sweep, up and over the head. I feel it between my legs. I am beginning to ache and I know I am wet. My pussy lips slip and slide against each other as my thighs clench involuntarily. I can’t move; I can barely breath. I feel a little unsteady and brace my hand on the wall.

The door is open just enough to see you and I want to watch you finish. I hold my breath and slip my hand down my pajama bottoms and stealthily, softly begin to rub my clit in time with your strokes.

Your long, muscular legs are open wide and your hips are moving a little now – does that mean you’re getting close? You’re starting to fuck your fist. Your beautiful eyes are closed and I am glad but I wish I could see the heat there. I wish I could see them glaze over as you come.

You moan. It is a small needy sound and it nearly brings me to my knees. You want this so badly and I want to see you do this. I want to watch you give in to it.

I know I should leave. This is a private moment and I am not invited, but I cannot move my feet. I need to see those silken ropes of come shoot out of that gorgeous cock. I want to see that body climax. I want to see you do it.

Go on. Oh god, give it to me.

My eyes drift up your body to see every muscle tight and straining. The arm you are using is a work of art: bicep and forearm flexing. I want to run my hand along the defining lines until I reach your hand. I want to stroke your fingers and feel your hard, thick cock pulse and swell as it gets ready to come.

Your other hand has its own pattern as it rubs along your tight stomach, backwards and forwards, once, twice then down and around your cock and balls. Your long fingers trail gently between your legs.

Fuck, I bet that feels good.

It looks like nothing has ever felt better.

I dip my fingers down into my drenched pussy and slowly circle the warm honey over my swollen clit. I can hardly touch myself knowing that I could come at any moment. But I want to come with you, so I tease myself and concentrate on trying to stay silent.

You’re close. I can tell. Your hand speeds up and your whole body tenses. Your head goes back into the pillow as you grit your teeth. You look like you are in pain but I know it is the best kind.

Your spare hand grips the sheet now and your working hand is concentrating on the head of your cock. It must be so sensitive there now. You’re desperately reaching for it, almost ready, almost there. I can feel how close you are as I move my fingers back to give direct contact to my clit.

The burning pleasure is almost too much to take but I make myself rub there, keeping myself on edge, ready to come with you.

Suddenly, you moan long and loud. Your head curls into your chest as your stomach clenches, every muscle in your body taught and working for your pleasure.

I rub my clit quickly, over and over and climax hard as I watch your come shoot out onto your hard stomach and chest.

Your eyes are squeezed shut and you are holding your breath with me. Over and over you shoot until finally your body relaxes. You sag back onto the bed with a loud exhale as I feel the evidence of my orgasm trickle down my leg. Aftershocks continue to ripple through our bodies as my pussy contracts around my fingers and you fist your cock one last time.

I release a shaky but quiet gush of air as your fingers go to your stomach, idly playing and spreading your come over and around your tummy button. My heart thumps an erratic rhythm in my chest. My legs are weak. I know I am covered in a full body flush.

I need to move now, go back to my room; there is no way I could hide what I’ve just done. But I still can’t seem to move my feet and I can’t resist just one more stroke around my clit as I watch you.

Oh shit, once wasn’t anywhere near enough. My eyes travel up the length of your body to see you looking sated and satisfied.

Your eyes open and before I register what is happening you turn your head towards the door and smile.

by Rebecca Black