5* Review: ‘Zoey And The Nice Guy’ by Carter Ashby

This is a contemporary romance review – it’s sexy though and so worth a read!

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What a fantastic find Carter Ashby is – I loved this book!

Zoey is a sparky, sassy, hard as nails heroine with a bucket load of believable insecurities. She’s got barriers like Fort Knox. Kellan has to figure out if he’s up to the job of breaking through them and if she’s worth the effort.

She’s not easy to handle, but then what woman worth the effort is? Carter Ashby has created a three dimensional character who makes you cheer her on, bury your head in your hands and smile in understanding.

I laughed out loud so many times while I was reading this book; a couple of times I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard (cookie baking time and Clint Eastwood – that’s all I’m saying!). I love that feeling and a book is an automatic keeper for me when that happens.

Kellan is a nice guy it’s true, but he’s sexy and funny too. He learns how to stand up for himself and his emotional strength is everything that Zoey doesn’t realise she needs. Plus, he gives her great sex – what more can she ask for?!

The supporting characters are interesting and well rounded already. I’m really looking forward to Jayce and Maya’s story – ‘Maya and the Tough Guy’ – coming next.

So another 5* review from me. I’m on a roll…

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Happy reading, Rebecca x