Three of the Best – Erotica Authors #2

I love finding a good new author with an extensive back catalogue to work through. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like here.

In this post: Marie Harte, Maya Banks and Lorelei James

No reviews or blurbs on this page. Just the title, link to Amazon and author info so you can go and explore for yourself if you so desire. I haven’t read all the books that these authors have written. I’m only recommending the ones that I have read.

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Marie Harte: also find her on twitter @MHarte_Author

Harte writes a lot of paranormal books as well as contemporary romance (I think she’s written over 100 in total). I haven’t read anywhere near that but there are a few series of hers that I love – The McCauley Brothers, Wicked Warrens, and The Works. The books I have chosen are really good contemporary romances with hot, sizzling sex. Some kink involved.

My best picks for Marie’s books:

Working Out (The Works) – M/F D/s

Raising The Bar (Wicked Warrens) – M/M and M/M/F bisexual menage. HOT!!

Making The Grade (Wicked Warrens) – M/F Kinkiness with a third.

Bending The Rules (Wicked Warrens) – M/F with some M/M/F menage.

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Maya Banks: also find her on twitter @maya_banks

Well I can’t write about erotica authors and not mention Maya Banks. I read a lot of her books a few years ago when I first got into this genre. She has written a lot so if you’re new to her you’ve got a lot to choose from. I started with The Sweet series and her menage novels. She loves a good anal scene and lots of kink so her books are not for the faint hearted! (‘Coalter’s Daughter’ springs to mind). There’s more than one with a go to sex scene in it if I want some alone time with my vibrator.

My best picks for Maya’s books:

Sweet Surrender – mainly M/F with a  M/M/F menage scene. BDSM. D/s

Sweet Persuasion – mainly M/F. BDSM. Exploring a D/s relationship.

Be With Me – HOT!!! M/M/M/F menage.

Soul Possession – scorching M/M/F menage.

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Lorelei James: also find her on twitter @loreleijames

Lorelei’s Rough Riders series is a must read for anyone with even a slight love of cowboys. It’s contemporary western romance and all the stories are connected by a very large extended family called the McKay’s. There’s a lot of menage in there, kinky happenings with rope (obviously they’re cowboys / grew up on a ranch) and let’s just say they’re all dominant alpha males. There’s a lone female McKay in there too.

My best Rough Riders picks:

Rough, Raw and Ready – OMG! This was my first bisexual menage and well let’s just say it had a lasting effect on me. Worth reading the other books for back story but not necessary. Trevor, Edgard and Chassie’s story.

Shoulda Been A Cowboy – Cam’s story. D/s some M/M/F menage.

Cowgirl Up and Ride – AJ and Cord’s story.