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melancholy friend

Source: Tumblr

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend.

I am your lover.

When the pieces of my world aren’t aligning, when everything feels wrong and I don’t always know why – all I ever want is you.

Melancholy has settled on me, a heavy blanket on my body. We are old friends, melancholy and I, we don’t see each other as much as we used to, but sometimes we get together and have a good cry. It’s a strange relationship but one that I’ve learned to live with.

I am alone now, so I will wade my way through the day. But this evening when you walk through the door, I will walk straight into your arms and feel your solid weight against me. I will hold you tight and not want to let go, but the kids will need feeding, as will you. So I’ll let you go with a kiss and wait again for the night.

In the dark I will wait for you. All the words will have been said, your advice given, my acceptance of it always open to interpretation. We will have laughed – God only knows how you manage it, but you do, always. That is the beginning, the first release. My body loses a little tension with each burst of laughter until I start to feel a little human again, until I need to feel another kind of release.

So I will wait.

I will wait for the touch of your hand on my back. That long, slow sweep from my shoulders down, all the way down to my bottom. Back up and down until my eyes close and I begin to lose myself. It has never happened with anyone but you, this ability to let go so completely.

My skin will begin to tingle a little, blood and heat rushing to the surface. My legs will begin to shift, opening slightly as the heat gathers lower down. My hand will slip between my legs and I will feel the soft comfort of my fingers as they press and circle where I need them the most.

You will press gentle kisses along my heated skin, licking and nibbling a trail down to your favourite part. When you take hold of me, when you squeeze, press and pull, my breath will accelerate, my fingers will move faster and I will murmur words to spur you on.

I will bring my knees underneath me a little and lift up. A clear invitation. You will know what I need.

When your hand falls for the first time I will moan. I always do. That first hit is the sweetest for me. The one that I savour. You know it and always give me time.

I won’t want you to go easy on me – not tonight. Tonight every stroke will lighten the load. Until with my fingers working between my legs, your hand raining heat and light on my skin, I will push my face into the pillow and scream, long and loud.

You will stroke the weight of the blanket away and I will let you.

I will turn my head on the pillow, gasping for breath and you will move over me to kiss the tears away as I whisper, “thank you.”

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The Hardest Part: #masturbationmonday (Happy Birthday!!)

happy birthday


So this week is the one year anniversary of Masturbation Monday!! Congratulations to Kayla Lords for keeping it going and bringing together such a great community of writers and lovely people.

This is my 34th week posting for this meme and it coincides with the release of my book A Taste For Three so I thought I’d go with a restaurant / chef theme like the book. This isn’t an extract, it’s a totally independent erotic short.

The Hardest Part

The lights are low in the restaurant now.

All the people have left, the tables have been cleared, and the kitchen cleaned. She can still smell the beautiful food they created tonight and still see the smiles and looks of contentment on the faces of their customers.

She feels tired, but exhilarated. The satisfaction after every dinner service never seems to diminish and she knows this is her place – just where she’s supposed to be.

Cataloguing each aching muscle in her body, looking forward to a hot bath at home, she moves behind the polished oak bar to open the fridge, grabbing a cold beer. Her eyes are closed, the cold bottle heaven against her flushed cheeks, when she feels soft lips on her neck.

She smiles as they nibble their way up to her ear. Once there, a warm tongue flicks her earlobe, making her shiver and moan softly as she tilts her head to the side to give it better access.

“Oh…” she whispers, as he brings his hands up to cup her breasts. Her head falls back onto his shoulder, pushing her breasts out, needing more.

She feels him move to press himself against her – feels him push and rub against her ass – and she knows he is hungry. His hands are firm on her body. He knows what she wants – knows just how she likes to be touched.

She leans forward as he brings her t-shirt up and over her head. He throws it onto the bar and immediately unfastens her bra, which then flies in the same direction. She yelps when his hands return to squeeze her breasts and slap the heavy underside. She feels them sway on her chest and groans out her appreciation, loving the little bite of pain.

“Bend over the bar, baby.” His hand presses on her back impatiently.

He kneels at her feet to take off her shoes and then makes quick work of her jeans and panties. She watches the clothes pile grow on the bar as his shirt lands there, clenching her thighs tight at the sound of his belt buckle jingling.

Breasts pressed against the hard surface, her skin feels tight and hot as she begins to pant. She needs his hands on her – needs to feel him everywhere.

He moves to stand close behind her, rubbing his cock on her ass, leaving a cool wet trail on her burning skin.

“You hot, baby?” His words stroke her body and make her shiver despite the heat.

She manages a small acknowledgement, hoping he doesn’t decide to go slow now.

Then every synapse in her brain sparks as his big hand lands on the curve of her ass with a heavy smack! He kicks her legs wide, his hand continuing to land all over her soft flesh, creating an almost instant stinging heat.

“Oh God, yes!” Her head falls down onto her forearms as she moans the words. So good! She can feel her slippery response between her legs, and she knows he can too when he strokes two thick fingers along her folds.

“Just look at that.” He sinks his fingers inside her: a hard, fast thrust that takes her up onto her toes. “So wet – so fucking hot.”

He works his fingers inside her, setting a demanding rhythm that has her clit throbbing and hard. She is desperate to touch it, to make herself come. But not now – she has to trust him to do that – so she digs her nails into the palms of her hands and braces herself against the cold, slightly sticky bar.

This is the hardest part – giving the responsibility of her pleasure over to someone else. She has been in control of it for so long. He is the only one who has ever taken that from her – the only one who has ever been able to do so. She breathes deeply and relaxes her muscles. Open and ready now, wanting whatever he decides to give her.

The lewd, wet sounds of him working her body make her clench tight around them and thrust her ass out.

“Yeah, that’s right. Take it, girl. Such a gorgeous ass.”

She gasps as he withdraws his fingers, then screams as he slaps her pussy hard. Again and then once more: nice and high – right where she needs it the most. He steps in quickly to keep her legs open as she instinctively tries to close them.

“Fuck!” A ragged groan torn from her lips.

His hand comes around her body as he spanks her ass one last time, rubbing and circling her burning clit.

She feels the sweat run down the side of her face, knowing she can’t take much more. Every muscle is tight now, her body braced and ready while she strains for every ounce of pleasure that he is giving her.

“Come on now, honey. Let go for me.”

His words wash over her. She closes her eyes and lets herself get lost in this. She revels in it, every thrust and bounce, every grunt and whimper, every drop of sweat all coalesce until it takes over her body and mind.

Nothing exists except this, except him. When her orgasm sweeps through her she doesn’t hold back: with every cry and moan – every twist and shudder – she lets him know that he is the only one.


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Midday: Week Three #masturbationmonday



Source: Tumblr

Midday. Thursday. It was the third week they had sat like this.

The first time she’d been vaguely amused about the fact that they matched: her red shoes – his red tie – her black dress, his black suit. She’d been intrigued by the contrast between his sharp suit, polished expensive shoes, and his big rough hands unwrapping the sandwich he’d just bought inside the cafe.

When he had uncrossed his legs she had seen how lean and muscular the thigh closest to her was. She had found herself longing to touch it – to stroke her hand over it and grab it to see just how hard the muscles were. She’d struggled to take her eyes off him and had wondered what that body did when it wasn’t dressed in a business suit.

Her eyes had flicked to his when he’d stood up to leave. She’d managed a small smile; in return he’d nodded his head. She had dropped her gaze first. His had felt far too direct, nothing like she was used to in her experience of brief encounters in London.

The second week she’d found herself reaching for the same outfit with a little thrill of excitement. She’d known the chances of him being there were slim, but what the hell – right? If he was there, in their spot, she’d thought she might feel brave enough to sit a little closer. Maybe even say hello.

He wasn’t there when she arrived. She had dealt with her irrational disappointment as she had bought her coffee and sat down on the same bench outside the cafe. She’d ruefully admitted to herself that it had been a long shot and that she really needed to get a life. She had just got to the point where she was rethinking her OkCupid subscription when he sat down. He hadn’t just sat down either, he had closed the distance by at least half.

Her eyes had immediately latched onto his thigh and she had realised her heart rate had increased. It had been a rapid pulse through her body, a drum beat of arousal that she’d barely recognised. It had been so long and now it felt out of control and too intense, thick and heavy in her body.

She hadn’t known what to do with herself. Suddenly self-conscious, she had wrapped her arms around her middle and dragged her eyes away from him. It hadn’t made any difference. She’d felt his body like a magnetic pull. Crossing her legs she’d known he was looking at her red suede high heels.

An immediate image of them wrapped around his waist as he fucked her had swept through her mind and her cheeks had burned.

She had been the first to leave that week. Too jittery to sit still, she had placed her unfinished coffee on the bench and stood up. Unable to resist, she had looked at him to find him eying her full cup before his dark gaze had lifted to hers.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes… I…I need to go.”

He’d seemed to understand. She wasn’t wholly comfortable with that.

“Till next week then.” He’d said quietly.

As she’d turned to leave she’d noticed a flash of red silk around his neck and she’d known that he’d watched her as she walked away.

So now it’s next week and he has just sat down. She has spent the whole week wavering between regretting leaving and wondering what the fuck she was doing. Right now every muscle in her body is tense and doesn’t know if it’s preparing to run or to jump on him.

The gap between them is even smaller now. She can feel the heat from his leg penetrating her black skirt. Her toes curl in her red shoes and she is trying hard to maintain a steady breathing pattern. As her heart thumps an erratic rhythm in her chest, she watches his hand move to rest on the top of his thigh, matching her own.

Their little fingers are so close, she knows if they stretch them both out they will touch. Her fingers twitch and she holds her breath.

The first spot of rain lands on the back of her hand and it takes her a moment to realise what’s happening. They look at each other; he stands and holds out his hand to her. The heavy rain takes away her chance to think this through. She lets the water wash her doubts away and lifts her hand to his.

His rough palm envelopes hers and his skin is hot and dry sending a shot of sensation up her arm. She is still trying to process this when he pulls her to her feet and leads her into the cafe. They don’t stop moving until they have moved through the main room and entered the small, dark corridor in the far corner. She vaguely registers the staff sign on the door as he pulls her in and locks it behind them.

His dark eyes search her face. She knows she cannot mask her uncertainty but she knows her arousal is also clear to see. Her cheeks are hot and she can feel her nipples hard and tight against the damp material of her black dress.

Her hands are pressed flat against the door as he cups her face.

“Tell me you want this.” His voice is rough and deep, an intimate abrasion of her senses.

“Yes.” She whispers.

She doesn’t hesitate. This is a kind of madness but she wants to embrace it; she wants to live it.

His thumb gently strokes across her lips and his eyes follow it intently. They flash wide when her tongue darts out to lick it. She moves forward slightly and takes it into her mouth. She takes it all in and slowly pulls back running her tongue underneath, feeling every rough texture of his skin. He tastes a little salty but good; good enough to suck him again – hard. His eyes close and the low moan he lets out strokes over her body like a soft palm.

“Fuck!” He mutters. His hips jerk forward of their own accord and she feels his hard cock in the juncture of her thighs where she aches. Her need for friction is beginning to consume her when she feels his hand pull up her skirt.

“Are you wet for me?” He asks as his hands tug her silk knickers down to her knees.

She can’t take her eyes from his, she only nods and moans when his fingers find the answer for themselves.

Oh god, she is a wet mess. She can feel how easily he slides over her folds, how effortlessly they slide into her.

He places his free hand on the wall beside her head. She widens her stance, her knickers pulling tight across her legs.

Her hands are on his shoulders, gripping hard as he thrusts his fingers inside her. He sets a demanding rhythm, but she wants it, she drops into it, bending her knees and circling her hips, pressing her clit onto the palm of his hand. It is a perfect dance.

She feels her orgasm begin to form. As her abdomen pulls tight she squeezes her eyes shut. It is suddenly too much, a small seed of panic takes root and she begins to shake her head.

“Look at me.” He says quietly.

She opens her eyes. She see his arousal, it is plain to see, but there is no tension in his face. A sense of calm replaces the panic. She breathes deeply and embraces every movement of her body: the bounce of her breasts, the tension in her thighs. His head falls forward and she feels his hot, humid breath on her cheek. She rolls her head towards him, their lips just touching.

She is panting now – so close. She needs it and he seems to know it.

He thrusts harder, faster.

She is grinding down onto his hand. It hits her quickly then. Her hand goes to the back of his neck and she pulls him towards her as she moans her orgasm into his beautiful mouth.

She clenches around his fingers as they slow down, but he doesn’t stop. Not until she pulls back and their eyes meet.

Now it is his turn.

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Exposed – #masturbationmonday


exposed masturbation monday 24

Source: i-pensieri-di-elibi tumblr

She couldn’t believe she’d actually done it.

Oh god! This was bad – so bad. What the fuck had she been thinking?

She could feel a rush of heat sweeping up her chest onto her face. This – this is why she’d never done anything like this before. She was incapable of hiding her feelings. “You’re like an open book,” her mum had always said. “Honesty like that is a beautiful thing, darling.”

It wasn’t beautiful when you had dark fantasies, wicked thoughts that made you shift and squirm in your seat at work, on the bus, in the cafe at lunch time. It wasn’t beautiful when your body was in a permanent state of tension, needing things that you could hardly bring yourself to accept, never mind ask for from anybody.

She laughed mirthlessly. Who was she kidding? There was no-one to ask. She had buried her secret self so securely she barely recognised who she was anymore. There was an unyielding, heavy knot inside her. Like rope, she imagined each strand braided together with tiny words branded on it, all the breathless, hot dreams written down and tied tight and left deep inside her where up to now it had been safe and secure.

Now one moment of insanity was about to ruin all the hard work she’d put into becoming invisible, because he saw her now.

He saw it all.

She was alone for the moment. Her whole body was tense and alert, ready to run. She’d left his office on the pretext of needing a drink. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and tried to relax her shoulders but the black and white photographs were all she could see, the erotic images imprinted on her eyelids.

She’d only gone into his office to leave a message on his desk. She’d known the room would be empty, he’d had a meeting in another part of the building. She was the only one allowed in there when he wasn’t there, so her guard had been down. Maybe that’s why she’d done it?

She had dropped the message on his desk and was turning to leave when she’d seen the three frames balanced against the wall. The pictures were facing the wall but she had been insanely curious to know what they were. So she’d walked over and turned them around only to be confronted with her deepest, darkest desires.

She should have put them back and walked away, she should never have touched them.

Instead in a trance, her heart nearly beating out of her chest, she’d found herself bending over and tracing the lines of rope on the beautiful woman’s skin; touching the knots, following the line of rope leading to the next knot, feeling the goosebumps rise on her own skin.

She had held her wrists together emulating the woman’s pose in the second photograph, and slowly fallen to her knees.

Looking into the model’s eyes, she’d seen the rich glow of peace, the knowledge that the rope was everything she wanted in that moment, the moment the shutter had gone down. Grace knew it was only a brief moment in time, a staged one at that, but she couldn’t help feeling that the woman knew it wouldn’t be the last time. She’d felt such an intense connection with her she’d raised her hand and stroked her face in the photograph.

That’s when she’d heard the door shut behind her.

She didn’t know how long he’d been stood there watching her. She’d scrambled to her feet, apologising over and over. One look in his dark eyes and she had known, her cover was blown and there was no way to change that. She’d practically run past him, couldn’t get away from that beautiful man fast enough.

She stood in the empty break room now and put her hot face in her hands. For the second time that day she heard the door shut behind her and knew it was him.

The panic was a wild animal inside her. She was on her tip toes, pivoting, ready to run before she even consciously thought about it. Get out! Get out! It was a verbal loop inside her head, the knot made one more valiant attempt to stay tight.

Head down, she moved to go round him, but he was blocking the door and in the end it only took one word as he took hold of her shoulders to stop her.


But the fight wasn’t over yet.

“Look at me.” He said as he held her still in front of him.

Staring at the neat knot of his tie, she couldn’t bring her eyes any higher and she only just managed to subdue a hysterical laugh when she wanted to say, “It’s all about the knots today!”

She didn’t have much choice though when his finger lifted her chin. She shut her eyes instead and heard his little laugh and a soft, “Grace”, laced with a hint of frustration in his low voice.

A tiny puff of air was the only warning she got before his mouth landed on hers. Her eyes shot open, only to be confronted with the clear challenge in his just before his long lashes dropped to conceal it.

His lips were soft but there was no doubt he controlled the kiss as his tongue stroked across her full bottom lip. The tingles that contact induced had her closing her eyes to savour them. Heart pounding she tried to maintain some semblance of awareness, of restraint. She didn’t understand what was happening and as lovely as his kiss was she felt off balance and deeply uncertain.

The knot was still tightly wound and years of concealing it could not be ignored even if his kiss made it hard to remember why.

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A Challenge #masturbationmonday


As I walk through our front door, I don’t know what I want.

I don’t know if I want to fuck you, control you, give myself over to you, ignore you, fight with you, or lock the bathroom door and get myself off.

I throw my keys into the bowl on the side table in the hallway; they rattle and clatter around until they decide to stay in and slide into the bottom. It’s been a shit day – there have been quite a few of those lately and they’re taking their toll. Right now my body is tense and fizzing with dissatisfaction: my brow feels heavy, the scowl there a weight of its own.

I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I know that look. I know this might not end well. I am close to the edge and you’re my nearest target.

I take a few deep breaths as I walk towards the living room. I can hear the TV playing softly. You always put it on as soon as you enter the room, whether you’re watching it or not.

One look is all it takes.

You know I’m in a shitty mood. I can see your big brain calculating and assessing how to handle me.

Will it be the offer of a chat? Let’s talk things through, discuss a plan of fucking action? Or will you smile and walk off? Not up for the challenge tonight, tired and dispirited yourself, you might not have the energy to deal with me.

I try to tell myself that both of those options are understandable. But as I stand there, staring at you I can feel the dare in my eyes, I am a fucking challenge and I want to know that you’re up for it.

“Bad day?” You ask warily.

“Yes.” I snap.

“You seem wound pretty tight.”


“Got a headache?”

I shake my head and clench my jaw.

“Want a massage?”

I close my eyes and let my head fall back on my shoulders. I open them and stare at the ceiling for a moment, trying to hold back my temper, but I can feel it seeping into my head, my body, my mind. The knot in my chest is growing, I don’t know if I’m going to laugh or cry. I know I’m being unreasonable, unfair to you.

You’re not a mind reader, I know that, but I want you to be. I want you to know me; I need you to understand me and I don’t know why but this feels like a defining moment for us. Am I being ridiculous?

Maybe, but there’s no turning back now.

“No I don’t want a fucking massage.” I say through gritted teeth.

You don’t respond. I finally meet your eyes and you’re looking at me intently. I shift my weight onto my other foot, feel my palms get a little damp. I am waiting and it is torture.

“Get your arse over here.”

My eyebrows lift up, but I like where this is going, so I take a slow step, then another and another until I am stood directly in front of you.

“You’re being a bitch, you know that right?” I don’t have time to answer before you carry on. “I know you’re having a rough time at the moment, babe, but you can’t come home and heap all your shit on me. We need to find a way to deal with it together, and no, I’m not on about talking it out.” You say wryly when you see my lips draw tight. “I know exactly what you need, you need me to spank that bitch right out of you.”

A Challenge masturbation monday #23

I feel my eyes go wide. I can’t actually believe you just said that.

“So get rid of your knickers, pull your skirt up and get your delicious arse over my lap.”

I watch you for a while, waiting for the other shoe to drop. But you don’t flinch – you just keep looking at me like you can see through me.

“Do it now!” I see the impatience flash across your face and you sit forward a little and before I know it I’m kicking my knickers off and shimmying my skirt up over my hips.

As I lay myself over your legs I have an almost out of body experience looking down from the ceiling and I don’t know if this is where I should be.

I don’t have long to think about this before your hand connects with my arse. You aren’t holding back…it hurts. I try to get away but you hold me down.

I don’t speak, all the conflict is in my head, not with you.

I feel the burn as you systematically spank my round, full cheeks. I feel my body move, the vibrations through to my pussy.

Fuck! It’s ok to want this, right? I mean, I don’t have to be strong all the time, do I? It’s ok to give in sometimes, to let someone else take over for a while?

I feel the wetness between my legs, I know you can see it.

“Spread your legs a little.” You demand.

I do it, slowly.

I feel even more vulnerable now – you know it. Neither of us misses me tilting my arse up for more though. I hear you laugh, low and soft, as you gently stroke the heated skin.

Bastard! You need to stop enjoying this so much and get on with it. I want the burn, I want my skin to feel alive. I shift my hips again, a not so subtle message. I can’t help myself.

“Hold still. You’re not running this show.” This time your voice is sharp, a little hard.

You play with my pussy for a while, dipping a finger or two in, stroking my folds until I’m ready to scream. But I won’t. I never scream.

Your touch disappears, quickly replaced by heavy, methodical smacks that leave a deep burn. Every time your hand lands on my body, I feel a muscle relax until one by one I am a boneless heap on your lap and still you keep going. You have found a rhythm now and my body moves with it. I want you to take me outside of myself.

I want to forget all the shit, just for a moment.

I need you to make me give in.

As my head sags forward I feel your hand stroke across my now relaxed shoulders and you whisper, “That’s it, baby.”

More smacks rain on my now stinging flesh, I dissolve into each one.

Falling or flying? I don’t know I’m too relaxed to analyse it. All I can think about now is the deep, deep ache between my legs. I squirm on your lap. This time it is an unconscious act, but you read me well and quickly move your attention to where I need it the most.

I am a wet mess. I can feel it, but there is no shame, it’s part of my body’s release and you have brought me to this state.

There is room for other emotions now – the well of negativity has run dry for the time being. Now I feel full, that in itself is almost too much. I’m not comfortable yet, still feel edgy and not quite satisfied.

“Please.” I whisper.

Your fingers push into me: firm, sure strokes that I clench around. It feels good but I need… that – oh god – I need that right there. Your whole hand rubs and circles my clit, your thumb slips inside me, a token penetration, but it works, it all works.

Before I know it my body is rigid – so tense I think I might snap.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I pant.

I need it, oh god, please, I need it.

It’s building and I don’t remember ever feeling anything this intense before. My pussy is burning – everything feels so tight – over sensitive and a deep sensation in my abdomen is coiled, ready to explode. Out, I need to get it out, I need to finish this, to see if I survive it.

The coil is unwinding, spinning, like a Catherine Wheel and then in a moment of clarity I know I am done.

Head back, hips grinding down, eyes squeezed shut I open my mouth and scream.

As always, thanks for reading. This is the first piece I’ve written in a while, things haven’t been great here and I think some of my frustration and annoyance might have spilled over into the story??!!!! I enjoyed writing it though, hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Pay Back Is Sweet – I.O.U #2

Hello! You can read this as a stand alone, but it’s part #2 of something I wrote last week. It’s here if you want to read it first.


IOU payback #2

I walk down the hall towards his office, a small smile playing around my lips as I glance at the piece of paper in my hand.

He’s not expecting me and he’ll probably be very busy, but he’ll make time for me. He won’t have any choice.

I am already feeling the evidence of my arousal between my legs, rubbing against my bra. I lift my hand and roll my hard, tight nipple between my fingers. Sparks fly, darting down the front of my body to my already wet, swollen clit. Mmm, delicious.

I come to a stop in front of his office door, wiggling my ass, enjoying the sensations between my legs.

God, I’m so ready for this.

He left me a horny mess this morning and I didn’t have the time to see to myself. I managed to wait until lunch break, that’s the best I could do. Now it’s time for him to make amends.

I open the door and walk in to see him on the phone. I kick it shut and turn the lock. He raises his eyebrows at me in question, but I don’t speak, I only walk towards his big desk and drop the piece of paper in front of him.


I see him read it as I start to unbutton my blouse. He coughs and apologises to whoever is on the other end of the line. I can’t resist an evil grin when he looks at me and I see the dawning realisation on his gorgeous face.

I shrug out of the blouse, hanging it carefully over the back of the chair on my side of the desk. His burning eyes follow my finger as it traces the edges of the black lace covering my breasts, I dip into my cleavage then run that finger up the centre of my chest to my mouth where I suck it between my red lips. In and slowly out, dragging over my soft wet tongue.

I moan. I can’t help it.

He valiantly continues his conversation as I shimmy and step out of my skirt, but I can see his heart isn’t in it. Bless him, he seems to be stuttering and stammering quite a lot.

Walking around the desk, I stop beside his chair, I feel the laughter bubbling in my chest but bite my lip to hold it in as he turns his chair towards me giving me my first view of what I came for. His well cut trousers are bulging and straining at the zip; I’m going to undo them soon and take him out. But not quite yet – there is still time for a little more teasing first.

I take the finger that is still glistening from my mouth and trail it down my body. His eyes are glued to its movements. I circle my tummy button then continue down until it slips beneath the black lace of my knickers. I feel my silken curls and can’t resist stroking them around my finger before it moves down to the damp, warmth below.

Oh god, that feels good.

My eyes close for a moment as I rub and stroke my clit. I think he is trying to wind up the phone call, but to be honest I’m not really listening anymore.

I move lower, coating my finger in my wet, slippery arousal. Carefully, I pull it free of my knickers and open my eyes to watch as I sweep it across his open lips. Now it is his turn to close his eyes as his tongue darts out to have a taste. I watch his enjoyment and feel another piece of my control slip. I push my finger into his mouth, it tightens on me as I push it in and out. Oh yeah – I am so loving that – dirty boy.

I withdraw my finger and quickly take my knickers off. I bend a little so I can reach his trousers, unbuckling his belt quickly, undoing the button and yanking the zipper down.

I gesture for him to lift so I can tug his trousers and boxers down over his tight ass. He scrambles to comply and suddenly there he is, thick, hard and long and all mine. His cock is so hard it’s tight against his stomach, but that actually works for me.

As I straddle him I gasp when my pussy first makes contact with him. My arms go over his shoulders so I can grab hold of the chair. I am breathing hard already. God only knows what the person on the other end of the phone can hear, but I’m past caring.

My clit is pressed against his hard cock and there’s only one thing on my mind now. I can’t keep still, I rub and roll against him; use my legs to push up and down, my hips to undulate against him. I’m non-stop motion.

The phone crashes down onto the desk, his hands go to my hips, holding me, moving me as we look at each other.

“I really hope he didn’t realise what was happening, otherwise the company might have just lost a major client.” He pants, cheeks flushed.

“Couldn’t wait…been thinking about it since this morning…oh god, yeah, right there. Oh fucking hell!” My head falls back as my hips seem to gain a life of their own. His cock is slippery now, the ridges around the head keep grinding against my clit and I can’t stop. I need to come all over him.

“You are so wet for me. That’s it, use my cock. Want to see you come for me.”

“Oh yeah, now, I’m coming now. Oh it feels so good.” One arm hooks around his neck as I pull him towards me, his mouth sucking, kissing, licking my neck; hitting my sweet spot just right.

I am frantic now, my hips moving of their own volition as the sensations in my clit explode and my whole body tenses and shudders its way through an orgasm that’s been brewing for the past five hours.

It goes on and on until I feel his body jerk below me and a hissed “Yes!” hits against my skin and the hot, wet warmth between my legs makes me realise that he has reached the end too.

When I finally come around, my head is resting on his shoulder. Our breathing is starting to even out and he rolls his head my way, kissing my cheek.

“Payment never felt so good, babe.”

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I.O.U #masturbationmonday



Source: sm00ke tumblr

He woke me this morning.

Normally I sleep through him getting up for work, but this morning he needed me. So he woke me.

I opened my blurry eyes to see him stood by the closed door, naked, his cock already becoming hard. He moved towards me, quickly climbing onto the bed and slipping under the covers. I laughed quietly, sensing his urgency, loving him for it.

“What’s going on, baby?”

“I need a cuddle…”

“A cuddle?” I laughed again.

“Yeah, a cuddle.” He replied as he turned my body and lifted my leg over his hip as my arm went around him. “God you’re so warm, feel so good.” He held me tight against him.

I rode his thigh for a moment while I kissed and licked the long line of his neck. Sleep still cloaked my mind and body, but I felt an ache begin between my legs. I moaned as his fingers found it, softly running over my sensitive flesh. I rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him as he dipped his finger into me, gently testing my readiness.

“Yes.” I whispered thrusting my hips towards him, even as I knew there wasn’t really time for me. Not this morning. He likes being inside me though, makes him hot so I let him play with me.

I looked down his body and took his hard cock into my hand. Gripping him firmly I worked him fast and hard. His head went back after the first stroke, his eyes closed by the third, his jaw clenched by the fifth.

“Yes.” He hissed through gritted teeth, still using his fingers on me. “Wanna come all over you.”

“Yes, do it!” My hand pumped him, over and over. I knew it would be quick. His body was tense, I watched his face, he was lost to it, striving and straining for it. So fucking hot, only mine to see like this.

“Fuck, yeah! That’s it… oh yeah!” He whispered.

I looked down my body, watched my breasts move with every thrust of his fingers, loving the feeling of him inside me that way.

“Watch.” I said.

My hand sped up, concentrating on the head of his cock, just like he preferred it. I angled my body towards him, he moved his hips forward so his cock was over my stomach.

“Yes!” We watched as ribbons of come shot out onto my skin. My hand slowed down with each shudder and jerk until I finally stopped and we were left looking at his marks on my stomach, listening to his gasping breaths.

He gently withdrew his fingers from me saying, “God, I needed that.”

“Mmm I noticed.” I said against his lips as he kissed me.

“I’ll make it up to you, baby.” He said as he jumped out of bed, seemingly energised by our little interlude.

My body was aching and restless, but I knew I’d get what I needed later.

I smiled. I liked knowing he owed me.

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Review: Tie Me Up edited by F Leonora Solomon

Tie Me Up cover


B is for bondage in BDSM, and Tie Me Up is the perfect place to explore just that.

The 19 stories in this anthology do not fetishize bondage. Instead, Tie Me Up shows how couples explore it as a sexy romantic option–sexy underscored!

New and seasoned authors fill this anthology with steamy tales that will keep you tied up…unable to put this collection down!

My review:

This might be a bit of a struggle to write because I’m still fanning myself and considering a quick trip upstairs to sort myself out.

This anthology is good and I mean really good.

I’ve read a lot of anthologies, so many have only one or two decent stories, then I end up skipping a load and wondering why I bothered to waste my money. Not this one. This is a collection of consistently great stories that F. Leonora Solomon has put together. The writing is high quality and the authors have taken the brief and run with it in exciting and very interesting ways.

I had my favourites: Oleander Plume’s ‘Cops and Robbers’, Jane Gilbert’s ‘By A Thread’, Tomio Hall-Black’s ‘What Isn’t Necessary Is’ to name a few. But to be honest there were so many good stories in here it’s hard for me to single them out.

I really liked how the authors explored the use of bondage within relationships. There’s plenty of variations on the theme to keep it interesting from Femdom action (always love that) to sky diving (brilliantly unique slant), LGBT, a harem and multiple partners (another one of my favourites – you can see why I loved this, right?)

I’d really recommend this book, not just to those bondage lovers out there, but also if you’ve got a little germ of an idea brewing in the back of your mind that you’d like to try something new. Lots of great ideas in here!

Rebecca x

Review: Taken (Under the Skin #3) by Charlotte Stein

Taken book cover


It was just a prank I didn’t want to be a part of. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all Johann Weir. You wouldn’t know that he sells literature for a living. He has these wild eyes—eyes that light something up in me—and he must be twice as big as I am, with strong, warm hands. Hands I try not to imagine everywhere.

He scares me. And thrills me.

But now the deed is done, and I have to face the consequences. He says he just wants to hold me here until the police come, but it’s been hours and I’m still here.

Chained to a pipe in his back room like a prisoner.

The only person I have to talk to is Johann, and I tell him dark, shameful secrets—secrets that involve the metal around my wrist and him standing over me. But I can’t stop. I need him to know everything. I need him.

Johann has his own secrets—ones he wants to tell me too. And more than anything, I want to listen. And maybe, before he sends me away, he’ll punish me.

Just a little.

Just enough.

My Review:

Ok, I’m not even going to hang around here. I’m just going to get it out nice and loud I LOVED THIS BOOK!!

Taken is the third novel in Charlotte Stein’s Under the Skin series (I reviewed Intrusion and Forbidden). The books are stand alone so you don’t need to have read the other two before Taken. I really enjoyed the previous two books, but this is the one that stands out for me. It’s not as dark as Intrusion, it’s not as emotionally complex as Forbidden, what it has got in spades is humour. The amazing sense of humour that made me fall in love with Charlotte Stein’s writing four years ago. It also has some really hot sexy times that for me just felt hotter because I’d been laughing my head off the page before.

Rosie and Hans’ relationship has an unusual beginning, but it quickly becomes apparent that the development of their relationship is going to be fascinating to read. There’s not a huge amount of angst in this book and do you know what? I really like that. It’s just full of awesome banter and getting to know you scenes and beautiful moments where they realise that they’re just totally meant for each other. I loved the simplicity of it all. They both mess up sometimes so it’s not all smooth sailing, but none of it feels unnecessary just to drive the plot. Yeah, it feels really natural and I really want to be friends with them. They’re funny and lovely (I know they’re imaginary, no need to worry) and I really wanted them to succeed.

I’m not going to go into the plot – just read the book. Hopefully it’ll leave you with the same lovely warm feeling that I have now. I know this will be a book that I bring out time and time again.

Thanks, Charlotte!

I received an ARC for a fair and honest review.

Taken will be released on 14th April 2015. You can pre-order it here


In A Hurry – #masturbationmonday


In A Hurry

Source: tumblr

“I just want to fuck you.”

His hands had already gone to tug at his tie while he switched his weight from foot to foot to kick his shoes off.

“I want to watch my cock sink into you, then I want to fuck you hard.”

She was struggling to breath. The thrill of excitement that rushed through her body at his words taking her breathe. Watching him, listening to him, she felt that delicious ache begin between her legs.

His eyes never left her as he undressed.

Her gaze devoured every inch of skin that he revealed. Frantically, she yanked her top over her head and shoved her jeans over her hips and kicked them off across the room.

“I want that.” She panted.

“Oh yeah, I know you do.” That sexy smile, holy shit, she’d never wanted to jump on someone so bad in her life.

His blue tie lay on the floor at his feet, his shirt was hanging open but he was struggling with the buttons on his cuffs.

She hurried to him in her underwear and smacked his hand away, “Let me do that, get your trousers off.”

His free hand went down to his belt; she heard it clink open as she managed to open the fiddly button. Her hands made quick work of the shirt and it fell to the carpet.

It was the stark hunger in his eyes that made her so wet every time.

“Get naked, Sugar, unless you want me to rip those panties off you.”

“Ok.” She croaked out, wrangling her bra off and yanking her panties off. The cool air hit her hot skin and she nearly moaned as her nipples tightened. “Hurry!”

“Oh shit, just look at you,” he groaned. “All day, all I could think about was getting you naked and fucking you.” His trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them towards her.

“Me too,” she gasped. “I’ve been wet and wanting you since we talked last night.” She couldn’t keep her eyes off the bulge in his tight boxers. His cock was glorious, her mouth watered thinking about it. Later though, now they just needed to take the edge off.

“Get them off!” She held herself back. She wanted him completely naked before she touched him.

He pulled the elastic waist down and over his hard cock. It rose up thick, hard and so long it nearly touched his tummy button. He took hold of himself, quickly pumping the length of his cock before he let go with a desperate moan.

That was her cue, she launched herself at him. He caught her with his hands full of her arse, laughing as they fell backwards onto the bed.

His big hands roamed the length of the body, every stroke making her arch her back in delight. They kissed, falling into a familiar rhythm. He took hold of her thighs, spreading her wide and guided his cock to her drenched pussy.

“In you now.”

She lifted her hips, positioned herself and dropped onto his cock taking him in one swift movement. They moaned in unison, she rocked a few times but it wasn’t enough tonight. He held her as he rolled her underneath him.

“Nice and wide, baby.” He pulled out and fucked back into her so hard her breasts bounced and she lifted her arm to brace it against the wall.

“Need you to feel it… know that I missed you.”

“I do. Oh fucking hell, like that…” Her words trailed off as she literally hung on for the ride. Watching his beautiful body pound into hers, she felt power course through her body.

“Touch yourself… need to come.”

Her free hand landed between their hot, sweating bodies; her fingers covering her clit she immediately began to rub and stroke herself. She knew it wouldn’t take long. She loved the feel of his cock inside her as she took control of her orgasm. She knew just how to touch herself so they got off at the same time.

“Now.” He said as he looked down at her fingers and his cock moving in and out of her body.

“Yes!” Her hips jerked off the bed, her head arching back as she clamped down on his cock.

His head dropped, letting out a long desperate groan every muscle tensed and straining for it.

Gritting her teeth she hissed out the breath she’d been holding and felt every tendon and muscle in her body suddenly relax as she collapsed back onto the bed.

He followed her down, covering her completely. She held onto him, loving the weight of him, knowing he would move soon.



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