Changing The Rules #masturbationmonday


let's fuck

Source: tumblr redsnapper921

They’d been watching each other for weeks.

She knew what he looked like naked: neat little nipples, smooth, nicely muscled chest, flat stomach with a delicious treasure trail running down to the light brown hairs surrounding his cock and balls. She knew his cock stood tall and high against said flat stomach.

She knew how he liked to touch himself, long languid strokes, up and down his cock while he rubbed the flat of his other hand over his stomach and chest, intermittently pinching and pulling his nipples while he watched her.

She shivered and clenched her bottom, writhing and squirming in her office chair. She knew how he braced himself against the glass with one straight arm, legs apart when he came, spraying his come against the window. Looking straight at her with his hot, hungry eyes. Well, she imagined they were hot and hungry – he was just that bit too far away for her to tell.

She let out a frustrated sigh. She wanted to see those eyes when he came; she wanted to be looking right into them when he shot his load all over her.

She couldn’t resist slipping her hand up her top and giving her breast a quick squeeze to try and relieve the ache. What she really wanted to do was strip off, go to the big window in her living room and plaster herself against it. She wanted to spread her legs wide and finger herself till she screamed while she rubbed her tits all over the glass.

It was getting to the point where her nipples got hard just thinking about it. Oh god, had she turned into his Pavlovian pet?

She glanced at the clock. No point anyway – he didn’t get home for another hour. She hung her head in shame: had she become some kind of weird stalker?

She had watched his apartment, but then she knew he watched hers. They had a bit of a routine going, even though they’d never spoken a word to each other. Well, actually that wasn’t strictly true, they’d become quite adept at lip reading and had developed their own form of charades: “hold your tits”, “turn to the side so I can see your big cock properly”, stuff like that.

The hottest thing to date had been a few nights ago when he’d told her to sit naked on the arm of her sofa and spread her legs wide. Then he’d told her to hold herself open so he could watch her masturbating.

Fuck! She’d come so hard that night, she’d been drenched and her clit had been so sensitive it had hurt. But she’d liked it. In fact, she’d wanted something more, although she wasn’t sure what. She’d felt like she’d wanted a bit more hurt, a bit more pain, right there between her legs on her throbbing clit.

The space between them was beginning to bring frustration, rather than the thrill and gratification it had started with. She wondered for the hundredth time how to suggest they get together rather than continue this mutual masturbation distance learning course they appeared to be on. They had both passed with distinction, it was time for the advanced class now.

While she was thinking she was doodling on her notepad: words, feelings, wants, she even managed a dodgy picture of his cock. That got scribbled out quick sharp, but when she finally snapped out of her daze there were two words repeated over and over.

She took a fresh piece of paper with a black marker pen and wrote the words in big, bold letters. Checking the clock again, she realised it was nearly time. She stood up, pushed her chair back and began to unbutton her blouse.


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Naughty Girl – #masturbationmonday


no panties today - Edited

I haven’t had any panties on all day…” she whispered in his ear as she walked past him trailing her hand across his shoulders.

“You little minx.” He murmured, slowly lowering the document he was reading. Setting it down on the hall table, he placed his briefcase on the floor. Loosening his tie he followed her into the kitchen.

She had her back to him, on tiptoe reaching high for a wine glass, her skirt lifting temptingly up her soft, pale thigh.

Slowly walking towards her, his eyes roamed over her curves, resting on her full, round bottom. The thought of her walking around all day with nothing underneath that skirt was enough to make his cock twitch.

Naughty, beautiful girl.

He came to a stop behind her. Hesitating slightly, she took hold of the glass. He let her set it on the counter before he placed his hands on either side of her, surrounding her.

He lowered his mouth to her ear. “What should I do with you?” His lips grazed her neck eliciting a shiver through her body and he smiled. She was on edge and she only had herself to blame. He should leave her alone for a while, make her suffer a bit, but the thought of what was under that skirt had him hard and wanting.

“Have you been thinking about my cock all day?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said primly.

“I bet you’ve been wet and slippery all day, haven’t you?” He stood back a little so his hand could stroke over her arse. He heard her breath catch and saw her hands gripping the edge of the kitchen counter.

“Maybe a little.” She replied coyly.

“I bet you’re aching for it now – all throbbing and swollen – just desperate to come.” His hand swept down her leg until he reached the bottom of her skirt. He took hold of it and slowly pulled it up her thighs, watching as her legs and bottom were revealed, licking his lips as he took in the beautiful curve and fullness.

God he loved her arse. He could play with it for hours, licking, biting, smacking it.

Time for that later though. Right now his woman was panting, squirming and desperate.

“Do you want to come?”

“Yes.” She whispered, all attempt at levity gone now.

“Spread your legs and push out that gorgeous bottom.”

“Oh god!” She moaned, immediately doing as he directed.

There was something about her in that position that just blew his fucking mind. Straight legs, spread shoulder width apart; bent forward with her head down, arse on full display. Waiting.

He clenched and flexed his hand, stretching his fingers wide. He knew what she needed.

The first smack drew a gasp from her and left a perfect rosy hand print on her skin. The sixth had her chanting, “Oh god! Oh god!” over and over, and by the twelfth her head was down and she was panting, hard. He knew she was close as he could see the wetness between her legs. His cock was straining to be free of his trousers, but he was going to hold on a little bit longer.

This first one was for her.

He spanked her again, moving his other hand around her body to touch her clit. He rubbed it hard, spanking her all over her already pink cheeks.

Her head flew back and she moaned long and loud.

She could do better than that.

He kicked her feet further apart, landing two swift slaps directly between her legs. His fingers returned to her clit – rubbing and circling.

She screamed out her pleasure.

He smiled. That was much better.


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Drawn To You – #masturbationmonday


beard and tats guy

Source: tumblr via bearddporn

I see you.

You walk in the door like you own the place. Once you catch my eye I can’t seem to look away.

I take a small sip of my coffee, playing with the teaspoon, and it clatters against the wooden table top startling me. I drop my eyes. They rest on the sparkling bracelet on my wrist; its cold brilliance startlingly garish in that moment.

You sit down opposite me, by the cafe window. Three tables separate us but I can feel you – feel your confidence radiating towards me. I want to absorb it and know what it’s like to be so sure, just for one fleeting moment.

At first your face feels obscured by its full beard. Then I look closer and I see how it frames your full, sensuous lips. It is neatly shaped, leaving your cheekbones clear revealing smooth, tanned skin. The beard is the same colour as your thick brown hair, which is shorter at the sides. The longer top swept back from your stunning face.

My fingers tingle, it looks so soft, would feel so good.

My body feels hotter now, my skin sensitive as I run my fingers under the collar of my silk blouse. I know my nipples have hardened. They want to know what that beard would feel like brushing against them; those soft lips sucking and nibbling at them. My clothes feel confining against my needy body.

Your brown leather jacket is old and worn but it looks beautifully soft and supple, moulding to your wide shoulders. You shrug out of it and I catch my breath. Your white t-shirt reveals the tattoos on your arms. They run from your wrist right up your arm and under the t-shirt. I see the colours, greens, red and yellows; the black outlines of shapes. But I can’t make out what they are, I’m too far away.

I want to get closer. I want to run my fingers over the patterns and shapes. I want to feel your heat, the strength underneath that colourful skin.

I want to lick your tattoos.

Oh god, I want that so badly.

I want to trace every line, every curve and mark with my tongue.

You raise the cup to your lips and swallow. Your bicep flexes and I ache between my legs. It is sweet, sweet torment. I shift in my chair, craving some friction. My eyes follow your colourful arm as it slowly lowers the cup back down to the table.

I am drawn to your face again, your lips and the thought of how they would feel on mine; but I realise too late that you have gone very still.

You have caught me.

I meet your intent stare and immediately feel heat invade my cheeks.

Your piercing eyes roam over my face, missing nothing but releasing me from their uncomfortable hold. They slowly move down my body, brushing over my breasts and the evidence of my arousal. They rest on my wrist, you take in my clothes, my up swept hair, the diamond studs in my ears.

I can’t breath. My breasts feel heavy, achy and ready. So ready to be touched.

I wait for the scorn on your face.

I can’t look. My eyes drop to the floor. I breath through my anxiety, remembering those little steps that I need to take to get myself under control again. I need to leave, but first I must regain my equilibrium.

I am staring so hard at a mark on the floor it doesn’t immediately register that a pair of black boots have come to a stop by my chair.

My hands grip the edge of the table, my knuckles white and distressed. I slowly raise my eyes from the boots, up the long, dark blue, jean clad legs, to the white t-shirt tight across your chest; your beautiful arms lead me up to that sexy bearded face and the glittering dark brown eyes staring down at me.

I feel trapped in your gaze. You lean forward, slowly, putting your arms on either side of me. Your forearm brushes against my breast as you move to place it next to me. You have branded me, heat and an almost painful pleasure suffuse my breast.

I wait, breathless.

Your head moves towards me until your mouth rests by my ear.

“Let me show you…”

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Waiting – #masturbationmonday


tied to chair b and w pic

Source: trobl tumblr

I am waiting.

The air on my skin is warm but anticipation has pebbled my skin and tightened my nipples until they are hard, aching points.

Shifting slightly on the chair, I feel the rope graze deliciously against my wrists and ankles. My head falls back as I exhale. Legs spread wide open, I can feel the air caressing my slick folds. I worry that I am making a mess on the chair, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

I can only wait… and wonder.

What will he do to me? I know he will be able to see all of me. I am completely open and on display for him. I want him to touch me everywhere. I want him to run his big, rough hands all over me.

Oh god, please let him come to me soon. Will he tease me or will he make me come quickly?

He says that watching me climax is one of his favourite things, he can’t get enough of it. He loves to fuck me with his fingers, watching me intently while I shatter into a thousand pieces. The way he takes me with his mouth destroys me. I smile when I think of all the times he has fucked me into oblivion after he has made me orgasm with his hand or mouth. He goes a little wild, there is nothing I love more than his honest response to me.

I close my eyes; my pussy pulses and clenches. I want his mouth on me. I want to show him how much I want him and I want to see the evidence of my desire on his lips.

I wiggle again; the ropes holding me tight, digging into my flesh, making me feel at once safe and on edge.

My eyes open when I hear his footsteps coming towards the room I’m in.

I look up to find him leaning against the door frame, arms crossed, eyes on mine.

“Are you ready?”

I nod, my mouth suddenly dry.

A shiver of anticipation runs through my body as I watch him drop his arms and begin to move towards me.


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Tell Me – #masturbationmonday


tell me pic

Souce: tumblr slaveofyourpassions

I walk into our apartment to find him sat in a chair facing the window. He has taken off his suit jacket and loosened his tie. The city lights are laid out before us; he has fucked me many times pressed against that window. I know he likes the view.

He turns his head towards me with a smile. “I’ve been waiting for you. Come here, baby.”

I drop my bag and walk towards him as I unbutton my coat. It is cold outside, so my fingers are a little stiff, but the sight of him gets my blood racing.

He is beautiful and he is mine.

I shrug out of my coat and throw it onto the sofa. Standing behind him, I wrap my arms around him and kiss his cheek, leaving my chin resting on his shoulder. We stare at the cityscape for a few moments; the silence is comfortable but there is a buzz of anticipation in the air.

“Come sit with me.”

He takes hold of my hand and pulls me round to sit on his knees, hooking my legs over the arm of the chair. I am surrounded by him now, his arms around me, my head resting on his broad, muscular chest. I raise my hand to caress his cheek, his stubble is rough after a long day at work. Loving the abrasion, my fingers move down his neck to rest on his pulse. It is wonderfully strong and beats a matching rhythm with my own.

His hand begins to move over my body. Very softly along my raised arm until he sweeps down to cup the fullness of my breasts. My breath hitches a little as he moves to take my nipple between his fingers, gently rolling and pulling.

I lift my face to him. I clench my thighs together when I see the look on his face. His eyes are dark and glittering with intent. I can see the evidence of his need there; his jaw flexes as my eyes fall to his mouth. His lips glisten where his tongue has just been. I lick my lips in response, wanting to feel them against mine.

“Tell me what you want…”

His words send a shiver of excitement through me.

He is feeling generous tonight.

A bounty of images flit through my mind; so many things that I want him to do to me.

“I want you to kiss me for hours, I want to lose myself in it, in you.”

“Yes,” his eyes devour my lips then reluctantly rise to meet mine, “what else?”

“I want you to take all my clothes off. I will lie down on the bed on my front while you stroke every inch of me. I want to feel your hands on my skin, their roughness along the length of my back and down my legs. Then I want you to slowly move back up my legs to my bottom…”

“I’m glad you went back to that.” His eyebrow arches as his lips twitch a little.

“Oh, I’m not going to miss that out. That’s the best bit…” I give him an answering cheeky smile. “…I want you to stroke me there, rub me and squeeze me. I want you to kiss it, lick it and bite it. Then when I’m panting and begging you, I want you to spank it, hard, all over; until it is rosy pink and the burning heat has me squirming and desperate.”

His breathing is ragged now and I can feel a hard pressure against my thigh. His hand has moved down to press between my legs, the material of my trousers impeding the touch that I want so badly.

“I will open my legs, my bottom bouncing, looking for more. You’ll be able to see how wet I am…”

“Fuck, yes! Then what?”

“Then I will tell you to fuck me. I want to feel your long, hard cock deep inside me, stretching me and owning me. I want it deep and hard, fast and slow. I want your body covering mine, your hand in my hair. I want to feel your skin against mine, your breath on my face and neck. I want to know that you want it as much as I do. I want you to tell me. I want you to come deep inside me, make me feel it.”

“There’s nothing I want more.”

I smile my love for him because I know it is true; deep down where my most vulnerable self resides, I know that he always will.

I shriek as his arms go under my legs. He lifts me as he jumps up from the chair and then races to our bedroom.


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Goddess – #masturbationmonday


pic for goddess

source: italianlady2 tumblr

Tonight he would be hers.

He’d been looking at her for weeks. His gaze roving over her body, leaving a trail of heat in its wake. Those dark blue eyes resting on her tempting lips – glittering with want – but he still hadn’t done anything about it.

Each night she’d gone home to her vibrator: wet, ready and frustrated. She’d had enough; she wanted the real thing. Clenching her thighs together, she tried to tame the pulse between her legs. She thought about his heat, his hard cock and his lean muscular body pounding into her hard and fast.

She shivered and licked her lips.

It was time for her to take control of this situation. Her nipples hardened just thinking about what she wanted him to do to her body. Her heart rate increased when she contemplated making him do it. Maybe this was the start of something she hadn’t even realised she wanted?

Taking a deep breath she walked towards him.

The bar was loud and dark; crowded with the usual people celebrating the start of the weekend. That could work in her favour. Her eyes locked onto his; she was pleased to see his widen slightly.

Good – the element of surprise was on her side.

His gaze stroked her breasts and paused on her nipples that were trying to poke their way through her silk blouse.

A familiar ache began down low, accompanied by a sudden slickness between her legs as she made her way towards him.

God – she wanted him!

As she reached him he turned to shelter her from the jostling crowd. She stepped backwards into a dimly lit alcove, stopping when she felt the wall against her back. The music and voices were muted here.

They looked at each other for a moment, cocooned in this small, quiet space, and she could sense he understood this was no ordinary meeting. He looked a little wary but she could see the excitement in his eyes.

“Come here.”

She tugged lightly on his loose turquoise tie, pulling him towards her.

There was no resistance.

The subtle citrusy tang of his aftershave made her mouth water. He’d opened the first few buttons of his shirt revealing a tantalising glimpse of his smooth tanned chest. Her fingertips tingled with need.

He rested a hand on the wall by her head and leaned down towards her in supplication. Feeling his warm breath on her neck, she sighed with pleasure.

Tilting her head towards him, she heard his breath catch as she took her first taste of him. Her hot, wet tongue licked from the dip at his collar bone, slowly but surely up the taut smooth line of his neck into his sharp stubble.

He was delicious: a little salty and sweetly addictive.

She licked him again.

Drawing back slightly, she was satisfied to see goose bumps following the line she had just taken. The pulse beating in his neck matched the merciless lust pounding through her own body. Her skin prickled with the need to be touched; her breasts full and heavy, wanting to be squeezed, sucked, licked.

Nothing else existed now.

Grabbing his hand, she pressed it to her breast, showing him what she wanted – what she craved.

Her eyes closed. She forgot to breath as the shock of his first hot touch went rushing through her body. He shaped and plumped her breast – his index finger and thumb circling and pulling her nipple.

She parted her lips.

He was breathing hard, but kept working her breast as he leant forward. Those dark eyes needy and burning. Diving into his thick, wavy hair, she pulled him the final few millimetres, sweeping her tongue into his mouth. She took advantage of his gasp to thrust into his mouth, over and over, a primal rhythm that rapidly consumed them both.

Every stroke of his tongue only increased the ache between her legs. She clenched her bottom and rolled her hips, desperate for some friction to relieve the hurt.

She knew what she wanted.

Breathing hard into his mouth she looked into his eyes as she took his hand and shoved it up her skirt, spreading her legs to give him room to please her.

“Touch me. Fuck me. Make me come!” She whispered fiercely against his lips, gripping the back of his neck.

Pupils dilated, he worked quickly, his long, thick fingers frantically tugged her g-string to the side and plunged into the hot, drenched centre of her body. She held onto his strong forearm, feeling the muscles flex as he fucked into her.

Her pussy was so swollen and tight. Every sweet drag in and out made her moan.

“Shit! Oh god…I want…” The words floated away as sensation took over.

“Tell me! Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

“I want to come, hard… I want you to watch me.” She panted.

“Yes. God, yes! I want to see you.” He whispered reverently.

He leant back slightly to adjust his angle so he could rub her swollen clit with his thumb while his fingers worked deep inside her.

Nothing had ever felt this good. Every muscle in her body tensed, straining for her orgasm.

“Yes!” She hissed. “I’m so close… right there… oh god, yes!”

Vaguely, she registered digging her nails into his neck.

Her head flew back, thudding against the wall, as her orgasm shot through her. His fingers never stopped; they kept fucking her until she closed her legs and twisted away, too sensitive to take any more.

Slowly, she opened her heavy eyes to see him watching her intently as he withdrew his fingers. She could hear the familiar beat of her favourite song as her surroundings came back into focus.

Raising his hand to taste her nectar, she licked and sucked his fingers clean.

“I’m going to take you home and fuck you, hard.”

“Thank god! Yes.” He moaned.

Tonight, he was hers.


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A Thousand Little Pieces – #masturbationmonday


Screenshot 2015-01-31 at 10.45.49

Source: babygirlssweetsurrender – tumblr

“I love it when you grab my ass like that.” She whispered in his ear.

“You mean like this?” He responded taking her in an even firmer hold.

Her bottom was round and bountiful, more than a handful really, even for his big hands. But the way he took hold of it made her feel like he owned it – wanted to devour it. A lifetime of being self-conscious seemed to melt away for a moment. She felt beautiful, desired.

He gripped her flesh, pulling her cheeks apart. A wanton moan escaped her.

Her clit ached and she felt the wetness between her legs. She moved slightly against his hard thigh seeking friction, consumed by the feelings in her pussy. Wanting more, always more with him.

“This perfect ass is mine, you know that, right?” His hands circled and stroked.

“Yes.” She breathed.

“No-one else gets to touch it, spank it, or fuck it ever again. Understand?” He used his grip on her ass to pull her more firmly against his thigh.

She swallowed, her throat suddenly tight. His intentions clear for the first time.

A sharp slap. “Do you understand me, baby?”

She felt the goosebumps break out on her skin even as the heat spread.“Yes. That’s what I want.” She just managed to get the words out, her breathing unsteady now.

He stepped back from her; she met his dark gaze knowing he could see what she needed.

“Spread your legs a little more.” A soft command. “Put your hands on the wall.”

She moved to comply, wanting this with every cell in her body. She took a step back from the wall so she could lean forward a little to stick her ass out towards him. Every line of her body screamed how much she wanted his touch, needed him to make her come. She was so greedy for him.

He moved to stand behind her. She felt his eyes caress her body, every inch of her alert to the sound of his breathing, his movements. She heard the rustle of his shirt hitting the floor, shuddered as his belt opened and his zip lowered; the quiet slap of his feet on the hardwood floor as he he stepped out of his trousers. She closed her eyes to see his beautiful body in her mind’s eye, especially his long, hard cock.

His warm hands came to rest on her back, gently stroking down the length of her spine until they rested on the swell of her hips. He squeezed and held her, stepping close to fit his hard cock between her ass cheeks. She couldn’t resist circling her hips to rub against him; loving the quiet gasp he made.

“Oh, that feels good.” He groaned, thrusting against her bottom until she felt the evidence of his need, damp against her skin.

She felt his reluctance as he stepped back. He still held her hips as he dropped to his knees, his hot breath swept across her naked ass, sending darts of lust straight to her clit.

Knowing that she was so on display for him increased the need pounding through her veins. She couldn’t stop herself as she tilted her hips a little more. She wanted to be wide open for him, she wanted his mouth.

The first touch of his lips was almost her undoing, fracturing her control. He kissed every inch of her bottom, open mouthed, ravenous kisses. His stubble exquisite abrasion on her tender skin. Biting and sucking, licking and soothing; he adored every curve and dimple. His hands cupped her, kneaded and squeezed.

“Please!” She cried out in need, her pussy hurting, needing to be fucked. She didn’t care how he did it: fingers, cock, mouth. She writhed and pleaded, desperate for him to finish this.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Her head fell back as she screamed out her pleasure. The beautiful heat engulfed her, every nerve ending begging for more. He didn’t disappoint her.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The blows never landed in the same place twice until her whole ass stung and blazed.

“Oh god! Please finish this, please…”

Her legs trembled and she hung her head, panting.

She was so close, so on edge, needing that little bit more pain to take her over.

“Now! Give it to me now!”

He thrust two fingers inside her drenched pussy finding a swift rhythm as he spanked her, hard, over and over until she broke into a thousand little pieces of exquisite pleasure.

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Play With Me – #masturbationmonday


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.27.02 PM

She is panting already. She has no self control where he is concerned. Legs spread over his, she revels in the beautiful ache that is building between them.

Her eyes are fastened on his hand down her panties. His thumb rests on her tanned stomach while the rest of his fingers have slipped beneath the material to slowly stroke her hot, slick pussy. She loves to watch his muscular forearm as he plays with her body; flexing and tensing, every muscle and tendon is defined with each movement of his talented hand.

She relishes the weight of his other arm across her chest; she feels the soft hairs against her sensitive skin. His hand holds her breast in a firm grip; pinned back against the soft sofa cushion she has no choice but to watch and feel as he takes control of her body.

His four fingers rub and stroke her flesh, perfect pressure, perfect placement. He knows her body so well now. The pretty purple bow on her panties rises and dips in time with his fingers; the butterflies flutter along with it.

Her hips begin to move now, searching, wanting. Her head falls back against the sofa and she begins to close her eyes. She can’t take much more. She’s going to shatter into a thousand pieces and she knows it.

“Look at me.” His voice is low and firm.

Her head rolls towards him. His deep blue eyes burn into hers.

She can’t look away.

“It feels too good. I… I can’t…” Words elude her as his fingers drop down to slide inside her. She can only let out a needy moan. “Please don’t make me wait…” She feels safe in her desperation.

“I won’t, baby. I’m going to give you what you need. Keep your eyes on me.”

“Yes… oh god, yes!” She blindly reaches out to grasp his thigh.

Her stomach undulates as she tries to gasp for breath and stay still for him. Her pussy feels so good she can only languish in it. His thumb has disappeared beneath the bow now; stroking her clit in a fast, necessary rhythm while two of his long, thick fingers fuck her hard and fast.

“Give it to me, babygirl.” He demands.

“Kiss me!” She pleads. She wants to be as close to him as possible. She wants to moan her orgasm into his mouth.

He leans towards her and takes her mouth in a deep, surging kiss. He licks into her, his tongue duelling with hers.

The throbbing ache between her thighs suddenly sparks into a wave of electricity making her cry out into his mouth.

“Yes.” He breathes against her lips.

His hand never stops. Over and over again his fingers pump into her until he is panting in time with her.

Her hand flies up to grab the back of his head, holding him against her, anchoring her so she can lose herself briefly in the heaving, twisting tide threatening to take over her body.

Her eyes stay open. She watches the deep satisfaction on his face as she comes hard for him. She sees everything he feels for her and it makes her heart squeeze as the last waves of pleasure work their way through her body.

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Hot Bath – #masturbationmonday


Screenshot 2014-12-28 at 23.07.35

His eyes are closed. That beautiful face turned towards me, tilted back slightly in supplication. I feel a tender ache in my chest as I look at him; at once so strong and so vulnerable in his nakedness.

The water laps against his tight abs and my eyes roam over his damp broad chest. Legs bent and fallen open, they give me a clear view of his gorgeous cock through the clear water.

I pull my little stool closer so I can reach over the side as I sit astride it. I rest one hand on his knee; the other hand slips into the hot water to take hold of him. He is already hard. I give him a couple of languorous strokes.

Up and down. The only sound in the room the droplets falling from my hand as it pumps slowly in and out of the water.

Gently, I caress the very tip of him, play with him until I see his hand grip the side of the tub.

I want to make him feel so good – ease away those aches and pains from a long, hard day at work. I want to make his cock hard and full, and desperate to release.

I work my hand on his cock, finding a firm, steady rhythm. His breathing is heavier now, his cheeks flushed. I see his stomach flex and tighten beneath the lapping water.

My eyes move up his body, resting on his tight brown nipples for a moment before reaching his beloved face. I watch his eyelids flutter, their long lashes casting a small shadow on his hot cheeks. Slowly his eyes open wrapping me in their warm chocolate depths.

I can’t take my eyes off him. I want to look at him, love him forever.

“Don’t make me wait.” He whispers.

“No.” I struggle to swallow. My throat dry. ” I want you to come.”

I work him harder. Faster. My grip firm now. His cock thick and long, so hard and ready.

My arm burns with effort but I won’t stop now until he is finished. His eyes close again as his head falls back – the tendons in his neck stretching as he clenches his jaw. His hands white knuckle the edge of the tub; his breath blasting into the steamy air from between his gritted teeth.

“Now!” He gasps.

His head curls forward onto his muscular chest. His eyes squeezed shut as I concentrate my short, quick strokes on the full head of his cock.

Ribbons of white decorate his stomach and chest as he jerks and shudders his way through his long orgasm.

Finally, he falls back to rest his head against the tub. He is panting in time with the throbbing vein I can see on the side of his neck. Every part of him seems boneless and loose. He slips down into the water a little more.

I continue to softly, slowly stroke his still hard cock. Watching his face, waiting.

Finally he opens his eyes and turns his head to meet mine. I see residual heat there, a constant burning ember that I know belongs just to me. His hot gaze lingers on my mouth as it sweeps over my face. I lick my lips and run my teeth over my bottom lip, anticipation singing through my body.


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Tease – #masturbationmonday



Screenshot 2014-12-26 at 18.48.14


The rope feels delicious on her skin; rough against her softness. Every movement sends shocks of pleasure between her legs – the abrasion only emphasising her excitement.

Bound and spread open, she is on display for him. Her eyes are closed as instructed. She loves knowing he can see all of her, nothing is hidden. Every fold of her pussy, every drop of her honey is there for him to see.

Her arms are stretched out to the side; her legs bent and open wide. All of her restrained and ready for him. She cannot help the pulse of her hips. She is searching for that first touch.

Desperate for it, for him.

“Please!” She whispers.

She hears him move to the bottom of the bed. He has been sat in a chair for what feels like an hour. Watching her, taking in her body bound in his ropes. She knows he will have planned and visualised exactly what he will do to her.

His patience and control are extraordinary, but right now she is frantically hoping that he puts her out of her misery soon.

She turns her head but keeps her eyes closed as she senses him move to the side of the bed. She feels the light sheen of sweat on her skin. Her panting breaths seem so loud in the quiet room.

His big hand gently cups the side of her face. His thumb softly tracing her lips.

“Open.” His voice is low.

She licks her lips and opens her mouth. His thumb slides in. She sucks and licks greedily, enjoying the saltiness of his skin; wanting any form of penetration that she can get.

She aches, her breasts want to be squeezed, slapped, sucked. Her pussy needs to be taken and fucked.

Anything! Jesus just touch me, please.

He withdraws his thumb from her mouth, lifting her head as he pushes a pillow underneath her. She feels him move onto the bed between her legs and place his hands on her open thighs.

“Open your eyes.”

She blinks a few times to focus on him. He is gloriously naked. The muscles in his arms tense and clearly defined. His thick, hard cock strains towards his stomach looking flushed and more than ready.

His heated gaze is locked on hers.

“I want you to watch.”

She nods, holding her breath as he takes hold of his beautiful cock.

He plants his knees wide apart, so close they push against her legs, forcing them a little wider.

He guides the head of his cock to her smooth pussy and lightly presses and rubs her clit; over and around, up and down. Even that slight pressure makes her whimper and thrust towards him. The sight of his cock on her pussy is driving her insane. He thrusts back and forth, maintaining the contact, the friction just enough to keep her on edge. The rosy head of his cock glistening now with her juices.

“Oh god!” She moans.

His cock feels so good. It slides up and down her pussy. Nudging apart her folds, it torments and tantalises her. Never quite giving her enough. Teasing her beyond measure.

“More, please!”

A small smile lifts the side of his mouth.

He places his hand on her ass cheek, his thumb on his cock pushing it down onto her pussy as he thrusts up towards her clit. The added pressure makes them both gasp. She sees his jaw clench and knows he is close now.

So close to giving her what she needs.

“Fuck! That feels so good.” He grinds out.

His eyes squeeze shut as his head falls back on his shoulders.

He is torturing them both.

He opens his eyes and raises his head to look at her. He concentrates the pressure of his cock on the most sensitive part of her clit. The burn builds until her back arches and she begins to pull against her restraints. Gasping and whimpering. His thumb presses his cock down over and over again as he thrusts over that exquisite bundle of nerves.

“Watch my cock.” He demands.

She makes herself open her eyes.

The light sweat on his body only highlights his beauty. The muscles taut and strained now; she wants to watch his climax as much as she wants her own.

“I’m going to mark you with my come. Make this pussy mine.”

“Yes!” She wants that more than her next ragged breath.

His movements become frantic, rubbing and thrusting against her drenched pussy.

Her clit is on fire. So close now.

Suddenly he pulls back slightly fisting his cock. She watches intently as his whole body tenses. His muscles flexed and working. His cock fucking his fist, hard and fast. Wanting it, straining for it.

Finally his come shoots out onto her pussy. The warm wetness making her tingle and pulse. Over and over his come spurts onto her skin. She feels it run down between her ass cheeks as his body shudders and shakes in the last moments of his petite mort.

Her breathing is rapid and out of control. She feels frenzied and desperate. Her head and shoulders lift off the pillow then slam back down.

“Now! Please, god, now!” She begs.

One of his hands goes straight to her clit, rubbing and stroking his come all over. He takes two fingers from the other and thrusts into her wet pussy. He sets a hard fast beat. Unrelenting agonising pleasure builds in her. She watches his hands on and inside her body. Silently urging them on, needing the burning release that is so close.

“Give it to me, baby. Right now!”

She lets out an inarticulate wail, sobbing and thrashing her head from side to side as her orgasm bursts through her. Her back arches, every single muscle and tendon tight and stretched. The ropes anchor her, letting the pleasure flow through her body. Every inch of her tingling and flooded with life, with her need for him.

His fingers continue to move inside her, teasing every last drop out of her swollen, pulsing pussy. She finally relaxes back into the bed gradually loosening her grip on the rope.

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