Review: Book 1 and 2 of Kayla Lords’ ‘Sir and Babygirl’ series

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I’m a big fan of Kayla’s blog ‘A Sexual Being’. So I must admit I was pretty excited to read these books. She writes honestly and frankly about living as a submissive within the BDSM lifestyle. Who better to write some good BDSM sex scenes than someone with firsthand (and a rosy well-spanked bum) experience?

These books are a series of standalone short stories that, put together, show the developing relationship of Katie and Johnathan (aka Sir and Babygirl). The central characters don’t meet in person for a while, so Kayla gets us nicely heated up with some hot masturbation scenes – you know there’s some serious sexual tension brewing!

Putting the stories together works for the most part, but I did feel that there was a bit of a gap at the end of ‘The First Date’ and the start of ‘Sir and Babygirl’. Their relationship seems to progress rapidly into a D/s one and I found myself feeling like I’d missed something along the way. I soon got over it though when he has her up against the wall and says, “Let’s begin.” [Shiver].

We realise early on that these two people’s emotions are very much entwined. I love how well Johnathan understands Katie’s insecurities and how he is able to comfort her and support her. Their D/s relationship has to find it’s place within their everyday lives, kids, jobs and chores. Kayla brings all these aspects of everyday life into her stories, giving them an appealing element of reality within the BDSM context.

These books aren’t just about the sex, even though Kayla’s sex scenes are steamy hot; they’re also romantic tales about two people finally finding their soul-mate and, ultimately, having the guts to take a risk on love when they’re already feeling damaged from previous relationships.

This is not the end for Sir and Babygirl. Look out for more adventures in the future.

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